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First Look: “Prelude to Axanar” Teaser

While our executive producer and Garth of Izar himself Alec Peters is in Germany at FedCon and our General Kharn Richard Hatch is at Long Beach Comic Expo premiering the official Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar trailer for audiences there, we thought everyone might like to see a little behind the scenes peek.

What we have here is a short video compiled by Bill Watters, member of the documentary team on set during filming.  You’ll see and hear small snipits of scenes with Tony Todd, Gary Graham, Kate Vernon, JG Hertzler, Alec, and Richard along with some special interview segments.

Make sure you keep an eye on our facebook page for updates featuring special photos, announcements, and hopefully by next week we’ll be able to share the full trailer with everyone!


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  • Steve T says:

    Love this whole idea!!

  • Robert says:

    Looks great so far. I found out about “Prelude” after the Kickstater campaign ended and am waiting patiently for the public release of the trailer. I’ll donate to the full movie’s Kickstarter most ricky-tick once that goes live.

    I’m glad the main Axanar Facebook page is public so those of us “non-Facebookers” can read some of the updates. I know a few donors were left behind by putting the trailer on a donors-only Facebook page and I hope there will be a serious effort to somehow, someway get them access to the trailer before the public release. I’d hate for this project to get derailed by some bad publicity resulting from some hurt feelings.

    So, the word this past week (June 1st-7th) is that the public release would be “next week”. Would it be too much to ask for that release to be Sunday June 8th? I kid, of course…but perhaps…maybe…?

    Many thanks to the cast and crew of Star Trek: Axanar. May you all “Boldly Go”!

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