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Captain’s Log – Sep. 16th, 2016

By September 16, 2016 Captain's Log


Friday, September 16th, 2016

Of course last week was Star Trek’s 50th anniversary.  And having been alive for all those years, and having seen Star trek’s first episode when I was 6 years old live, it means a lot to me.  Star Trek is a huge constant in my life, and like many of you, helped shape who I am.  The fact that I created a business, Propworx, out of my Star Trek prop & costume collecting, is just one way Star Trek has profoundly affected me.  Axanar is certainly the biggest, and most satisfying way.

I cannot tell you how much it means to me to have the enormous outpouring of love I get at every convention.  Not just because fans love Prelude to Axanar so much, and support the making of Axanar, but because they tell me how much it MEANS to them.  Prelude to Axanar touches a vein.  People are blown away by it.  It becomes part of Star Trek canon for so many of you, and you share in my disappointment that we have had to put Axanar on hold.

But this is Star Trek’s 50th, and how awesome would it have been if, as we planned, Axanar would have been released last week as a celebration of our love for this franchise?

Oh, believe me, the fact that CBS is suing Axanar and me during the 50th anniversary is not lost on me.  I am sure when they decided to file the lawsuit on December 29th, 2015, CBS and Paramount thought I would buckle and this would all be over in a matter of weeks.  I mean, I was just some fan producing a fan film.  Who could have forseen that I would go out and get one of the top IP litigation firms in the country to represent us pro-bono?  They assumed I would just say “Uncle!”.  Yet here we are over 9 months later, and the biggest story of the year around the 50th anniversary is how CBS is suing its fans.  We have 14,000 donors who have donated to see a great fan film.  All we want to do is give the fans what they want, a great Star Trek story, true to the original and made for no other reason than our love of the franchise.


My favorite non-main character captain.

I would argue there are no bigger Star Trek fans than Rob, Diana and myself.  Like you, we have seen every episode, most too many times, and we can talk about Star Trek till the cows come home.  Heck, next month marks 10 years I have been collecting original screen used Star Trek props & costumes, having started an incredible journey in 2006 at the Christie’s Star Trek auction.  Read about it here on my blog, startrekprops.com I have been wring the last 10 years.

And suing its fans is not the only thing CBS did to screw up the 50th anniversary of Star Trek.  Katharine Trendacosta gets it right in her IO9 article on how CBS and Paramount dropped the ball on Star Trek’s 5oth in her article CBS and Paramount Royally Screwed Up Star Trek’s 50th Aniversary.


We owe it all to Lucy!

Am I disappointed?  You bet I am.  I love Star Trek.  So do we all.  And while CBS and Paramount may be the temporary owners of the franchise that Lucille Ball championed 50 years ago, it is the fans who carry the torch and make sure Star Trek endures.  We love you all and thank you for supporting us.  Remember to keep the faith and stay positive.  I know I am not giving up.



My favorite Klingon, Kang “Day of the Dove”.


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  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Thank you so much for your efforts to make the Star Trek franchise great again. Who could have imagined that after conceiving of a new story and a new way to produce it, that CBS/Paramount would not only resent your brainchild, but attempt it’s murder. Their coorporate mind set is so self centered and petty that they could not embrace the love that all of the fan films have for the many series of Star Trek. Best of luck with the upcoming Battle for Axanar, and rest assured that i, and many others, stand with you.

    Your friend,
    Lee Benjamin

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