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Captain’s Log – October 5-8th, 2015

By October 10, 2015 Captain's Log

OK, I try and do a post every day, but many days, there is just not a lot interesting to report or I get so behind I forget what I did!  Here are the highlights from the first four days of the week.


The Ares pursued!

VFX Pre-Viz

With Tobias Richter signed on for Axanar, Rob Burnett has been doing pre-viz work with him.  This involves deciding what the actual VFX shots will look like.  Similar to story-boarding, this is the basis from which finished VFX shots are generated.  The work currently being done is when we first see Garth.  This is critical work and I am lucky to have Rob who spends a ridiculous amount of time on this.

Monitor 1

What we need for the bridge!

Bridge Monitors

We asked fans to donate bridge monitors and we got great response.  Curtis Short our Studio Manager, who has worked with me for 5 years, is handling this project.   Having so many fans willing to help out is why Axanar is so good!  THANK YOU all!


His fluffiness


Diana’s boycat Boomer is doing well and celebrated his 9th birthday on October 6th.  Happy Birthday Boomer!

Blackman copy

Robert Blackman

And the highlight of the week is talking to Robert Blackman who has offered to help with Axanar.  The legendary Star Trek costume designer who designed every costume from TNG Season 3 up, is a wealth of knowledge and has already helped Rob and me enormously.


Film Festival Honors

We are also very happy to announce that Axanar won the “Best Special Effects for a Short Film” award at the Action on Film Festival two weeks ago here in Los Angeles.  Thanks to Associate Producer Horace Austin, who, as always, corrals our film festival submissions and keeps us up to date!


Fulfillment continues!

Meanwhile, Diana continues to bust her butt to get out all the Prelude Blu-rays, DVDs and soundtrack CDs.  Backerkit had another colossal fail this week, wasting 6 hours of Diana’s time.  But she recovered and is working hard to get everything out!

Well, that is it for now!  LLAP


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