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Captain’s Log – October 13th, 2015

By October 16, 2015 Captain's Log

Well, yesterday’s investor pitch meant I had to stay home today and build our investor pitch document all day.  Though not a difficult process, it is time consuming.  Now Tuesday is acting class day with Richard Hatch, but my scene partner in our “A Few Good Men” scene is out, so missing class to finish the investor pitch wasn’t a problem.

Meanwhile, Dean has been hard at work on the Klingon bridge.  Here is what he and Dominic finished today.

Kling Console 2

Klingon Console 1

That is really all that happened today!


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  • John Willis says:

    I wonder when sailing ships were “high-tech” two hundred years ago.. when they went from NASA style Radio Shack nut n’ bolts style bridges then to Submarine ‘SeaView’ style.. how they made the transition to something like Enterprise or the Aries style.

    I got the sense in Enterprise they wanted it to look more like ‘SkyLab’ but either ran out of money or gave up on the details.

    Similarly on old style Sailing ships they had all kinds of gadgetry handing off the walls covering everything from barometric pressure to intercoms. But later.. and later.. as devices converged.. and that fine detail merge into more useful information available from more convenient devices that sort of homogenized it into LCARs style Video VT100 displays.

    I guess the lesson is ‘in the beginning’ you don’t know what measurement or environmental (spatial?) detail could save your life.. but once it all becomes common place and familar.. you trust the environment and only pay attention to the ‘important stuff’.

    For example, in the early days of spaceflight.. every obtainable measurement on Subspace.. including its temperature or vortices, eddies.. or mysterious spikes would be carefully paid attention to and recorded with a Phalanx of instrumentation. So more than half the bridge might be monitoring that.. same for weapons.. communications.. heck they might be separate divisions on “other decks” they would be so darn big.. (astrometrics anybody?).. but as the luxury liners of the spaceways came online.. they would shrink and become tiny chips inside other converged bridge consoles and devices.

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