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Captain’s Log – May 6, 2015

By May 7, 2015 Captain's Log

TOS Plaque

As we work towards the next Kickstarter, Dean and I talked about a couple Kickstarters based on bridge set decoration.  One is the ship dedication plaque which Dean is pushing hard for (not that he has to!), but the other is the Turbolift ship schematic. that was to the left of the Turbolift door.


So I found a copy of the Enterprise one (seen above) and sent it to Sean Tourangeau, one of our concept artists who specializes in the ship schematics for us.  This is what he came back with:

Ares Bridge Plaque

It would be made of plexi glass and we are thinking we could actually swap these out every day of the shoot so we had a bunch of screen-used ones for the Kickstarter.  This would probably be a $ 250 reward.  Or signed by the entire USS Ares bridge crew for $ 350.  What do you think?



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  • Dan McClintock says:

    I love the idea.
    Other suggestions along with this would be 1) framed, 2) a LED-lit backing box, 3) A wooden stand that the plexiglass can be inserted into. It can then be placed on a shelf, or desk or table.
    Obviously, price would be determined.

  • Scott Voigt says:

    Sounds like a great idea…

  • Luis says:

    Excellent idea. I’d prefer the signatures off the plexiglass. Maybe on the frame. <- Just thinking out loud.

  • Patrick Sklenar says:

    I like it and second the thought on the LED backlit option.

  • John says:

    Don’t have the $$$ but if I did I’d get two!!!!!

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Great idea!

  • Steven Shinsato says:

    Excellent item! I also like Dan McC’s ideas.

  • Paul Janssens says:

    Excellent idea (don’t have the $ but the idea is super). I also like all the suggestions (including the “sign on the frame, not the glass” – at least as an option).

  • David M. Shein says:

    I like this idea a lot. But oddly what really would seem cool to me is the opaque “Red Alert” 3D parallelogram that sits between the helmsman and the navigator. Not sure if the Ares will have one, but I hope so. That, in a little base, that lit up and had the klaxon in it, would be amazing. You could also have cast sign it as well, and switch it out the same way you have planned for the deck plan plaque.


  • Allen Brown says:

    I would definitely sign on for one signed by the cast! and back-lit with LED’s… 🙂

  • Don Einarson says:

    Would it be possible to do the Axanar dedication plaque as a Kickstarter perks?

  • Bobby Fletcher says:

    Love the idea. Perhaps do the plexiglass art with a separate certificate of authenticity. Then, cast could sign the certificate for the higher perk level. If donor got both, they could frame both or have them framed together as a really nice piece.

  • Chadwick Adams says:

    Great idea. You asked about ideas for perks in the next kickstarter, didn’t think of something like this. Now I shall brainstorm.

    One nit pick anal fan note. The side profile of the Ares does not have the black lines on the nacelles as the Enterprise does. I notice these things 😉

  • Matthew Wilkinson says:

    Excellent, love the idea.

    One minor suggestion,… Make room for a hangar at the back of the ship.

    • Lee Benjamin says:

      There is a hangar. The “decks” shown are probably catwalks, etc. like the observation rooms in the Enterprise hangar area.

  • Douglas Langstaff says:

    Put me down for one 🙂

  • Kenji says:

    Love it! And I also second the backlit box idea. That would really bring it to life. And if I were to go with one that had autographs, I would also prefer them not to be on the glass itself.

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Another idea on the ship schematic: To cut down on your shipping costs, offer the plaque with plans for building a lighted box to mount it in. That way anyone who wants to can build the box or have one built for them and you save a bundle on shipping!

  • Peter Schmidt says:

    I would love to have one, no question!

  • Jason Moon says:

    Being a vulgar and crude person, I could see a restaurant owner/Axanerd using this and the Enterprise one to designate Men’s/Women’s restrooms at their establishment.

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