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Captain’s Log – May 11, 2015

By May 12, 2015 May 14th, 2015 Captain's Log

Today was all Axanar work from 7am to 11:30pm.  Finally got my email inbox down to 35, which I haven’t seen in over a year.  Being a workaholic, I find it incredibly satisfying when I get a ton done.  More importantly I am working towards a time where I can get most of the production jobs off my plate, so I can focus on performance.


As part of that process I met with Richard Hatch, my good friend and acting coach.  I took my first acting class with Richard in 1994 after I met him at the Battlestar Galactica 15 year reunion.  It was the start of a long friendship that has only gotten closer over the years.  Richard is not only a talented actor, and a great acting coach, but a really amazing person who is more passionate about what he does than almost anyone I know.  So Richard and I met to discuss how we would work together on my performance over the next 5 1/2 months till we shoot.  Being that Richard has been so intimately involved in Axanar for over two years, he is the perfect person to help me get ready for the role of Garth.  I have been in his class for over a year (as well as working with my another well know and amazing acting coach, Ted Brunetti) and it will be fun to start working with Richard on the actual script.

At night we had a production meeting with Christian, Mike DeMeritt, Rob Burnett and Charlie Lauzirika.  We set down a schedule for deliverables which includes design sketches for props, costumes, make-up and storyboards for all VFX scenes.  Tobias Richter needs the storyboards to start work on  the VFX as we hope to have most of the VFX done BEFORE we shoot.  While that isn’t usual, because we have the time, we are in a great position to get most of the heavy lifting of post-production done before we shoot, which will allow us to get Axanar out in Q1/2 2016.

And Dean got the first console built today…. copy
There will be serious progress now!


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