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Captain’s Log – March 25, 2015

By March 25, 2015 April 2nd, 2015 Captain's Log

Stage doors are going in! Because we have big metal loading dock doors, we have to cover them up to prevent noise from getting through. A small, but significant project we didn’t anticipate having to do (because basically we never did this before and didn’t know!). But what it means is that when done, this will be a first class sound stage!


Personally, I got a ton of work done, first meeting with the main guy for Regional Planning. This is the guy who looks at your warehouse and says “Yes, you can make that building a sound stage.” Fortunately he had already researched our location after hearing about us from the fire inspector I spoke with and he told me we were clear as far as LA County goes. Of course we have to write a $ 1,400 check to get them to stamp our plans! UGH!

Meanwhile, we are working our way through the city to get the build out of the offices done. More on that soon.

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