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Captain’s Log – March 23, 2015

By March 23, 2015 April 2nd, 2015 Captain's Log

We have a new editor for the Axanar website blog (those articles at the bottom of the page). Mary Anne Butler is a great friend, and fiance of Bill Watters, our Associate Producer/set photographer/convention coordinator. So they are quite the Axanar couple!


My favorite photo of Mary Anne!

If you want to write for Axanar, cover conventions, interview actors/crew or such, email Mary Anne at mab@axanarproductions.com. She is awesome at this type of work and we are happy to have her. We hope to get an article every other day up so you will have more great Axanar news to follow.

On my end, it was a day of getting work done. Finally got my email inbox under 100 (which is AFTER I delete all the junk mail and stuff easily answered which I never count). We are all set up with desks in the lobby while the rest of the office space gets worked on. And I am finally able to spread out and get organized. There is so much paperwork/organization that needs to get done, I am trying to give more work to others so I can focus on the essentials of the production and my performance. In addition to having the amazing Diana Kingsbury run fulfillment and merchandise, and Terry McIntosh handle the website and support services, I have given up the convention work to Bill Watters, Film Festival responsibility to Associate Producer Horace Austin, Social media to Jennifer Connely, and we have two amazing PR people now in Mike Bawden and Morey Altman. So the team gets bigger, which means more efficient and we get more done.

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