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Captain’s Log – March 20, 2015

By March 20, 2015 April 2nd, 2015 Captain's Log

The floor is finished! Our first major retrofitting project is done and looking awesome!Warehouse 3.20.15

Curtis and Dean finished the job in the quoted 20 man-days and we now have a full stage floor that sets can be anchored to. Next up, the big “elephant” doors for the loading dock doors. This is a must for sound proofing.

We are discussing the bridge set now and getting the plans. Getting that started is critical to the success of our next Kickstarter because we need to show you that we are executing on exactly what we said we would. The four biggest pieces of the last Kickstarter we promised were 1) A Facility paid up for a year, 2) Retrofitting that facility 3) Building the sets 4) Pre-production with whatever was left over. So we continue to show where we are with everything.

This is all really important because you have donated to, and we are building, a film studio that can deliver professional quality Star Trek for years to come. That was what the first Axanar Kickstarter was all about. And making you, the donors, all a part of this, and keeping you fully informed, is very important to us.

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