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Captain’s Log – June 27/8, 2015

By June 30, 2015 Captain's Log


Saturday June 27th and Sunday July 28th

It is a big work weekend.  While Rob has been working putting the scene together that we will release next week (which will blow your mind), I have been trying to get the next crowdfunding campaign going.  Here is some news about it:

 1) We will be using Indiegogo this time because they have aggressively pursued us and will not only save us $30-40,000 in fees (which will all go to the production of course!) but they are very aggressively promoting us. They also accept Paypal! So we don’t have to pay high Amazon payment fees anymore.

2) We launch to the public Friday, July 10th, but will launch to donors privately on Wednesday, July 8th. That way donors can get first shot at the limited edition perks.


3) TWO special patches for current donors who donate the first two days. Donate $ 35 or more and get the new Veteran Patch. Donate $ 50 or more and get the “Starfleet First Strike Squadron” patch as well

We will be posting the perk levels this week and if you want to use the time payment plan, you will need to email Diana and make your first payment through PayPal. Minimum is $ 150.00, and you will be able to pay in 3 installments, downpayment, 30 days, 60 days.

I will have the perk list up in the next few days so you can plan accordingly!


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