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Captain’s Log – June 21st, 2017

By June 22, 2017 Captain's Log

Wednesday, June 21st, 2017

If you never read The Final Reflection you should!  It is generally considered one of the best Star Trek novels and developed a whole mythology for the Klingons, including language, before Star Trek The Motion Picture and subsequent movies/series did their own take.  I can tell you that I was profoundly disappointed that Star Trek writers never used The Final Reflection‘s amazing back story for the Klingons.

What is really interesting is that when FASA did their amazing Star Trek RPG in the 80’s/90’s, they used The Final Reflection for their Klingon back story.  It was an amazing confluence of media and hard core Trekkies noticed and it embedded John Ford’s take into the Trekkie psyche.

So in writing Axanar, we pay homage to John Ford and FASA in a few cool ways.  You have already seen us reference the Marklin class ship that is from FASA.  Well I can tell you there are a few more cool references in the new scripts.

Star Trek has a rich multiverse, and we love weaving the different elements together for the Axanar universe.  I hope you will take the time to read The Final Reflection, which is available on Amazon for Kindle!



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  • Jason Moon says:

    What was the name or names of FASA’s Klingon supplements?

  • Anthony Neal Emmel says:

    The Klingons.
    The Klingon ship Recognition Manual.
    A couple of adventures: Graduation Exercise, A Matter of Priorities, and Termination: 1456.
    A scenario pack for the Starship game: White Flame.

    In a roundabout way: Return to Axanar.

  • John MacEnulty says:

    That is still my favorite Trek novel, and to this day the only word for the Klingon language is klingonaase

  • Kevin O'Bryan says:

    John M. Ford was THE definitive authority on Klingon culture and authority, VASTLY superior to what was pushed in the movies and TV series. While the actors who portrayed Klingons were phenomenal, the studio did them a huge injustice by removing Ford’s scholarship from the Star Trek canon.

    The FASA supplements were titled simply “The Klingons”. Two-book set. The Star Fleet Intelligence Manual, and the Game Operations Manual (ISBN 0-931787-02-5 FASA 1500), the bar code (and the ISBN, for that matter) on the back of the latter book reading 34057 02002.

  • Josh W. Spencer says:

    Alec…working on FASA’s RPG supplements…specifically the Klingtons!…is how I got to know John Theisen! And I miss Forest Brown very much!

    • Alec Peters says:

      What did you do on the FASA supplements? Contact me on Facebook or email so we can chat! alec at axanarproductions dot com.

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