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Captain’s Log – June 19, 2015

By June 22, 2015 Captain's Log

One Million

Friday, June 19, 2015

One Million Views!  That is right; yesterday Prelude to Axanar hit one million views on YouTube. WHEW!  Are we happy about this.  And to celebrate, Jonathan Lane created another Ramirez meme!


We also had a marathon 3 hour casting meeting today.  A lot was accomplished as we started the discussions on casting Axanar.

Script 6.19.15

Casting Director Christine Sheaks, Alec, Line Producer Mike Demeritt and Director Rob Burnett.


And Rob’s update on “The Scene”:

Today I worked with our ace composer Alexander Bornstein.  He sent me his first iteration of the score for the Vulcan scene, which I enjoyed, but it seemed a bit too generic to me… not Vulcan enough… but he made marvelous use of the Axanar theme in the piece, which I absolutely loved. I gave him notes and he did three revisions to the music and I felt he was getting very close to what I wanted. I told him we needed more violins… and perhaps some Asian influence to the music, which he totally understood. He said I’d be getting another iteration tomorrow, which I’m very excited to hear.

An exhausting day for sure for all, but a good one with lots of progress for Axanar!

Thank you donors!


Join the discussion 3 Comments

  • John says:

    DID I HEAR YOU RIGHT? Director Rob Burnett???? As I have said before he’s the man for the job! (And no I have never worked, or met the guy!

    • Ian Tullock says:

      When I first heard about this project, quite some time ago, it was being reported (mistakenly) that Rob Burnett was attached to direct. As a huge fan of Free Enterprise, this was the icing on the cake for me. Now that it looks like he actually is attached to direct, it seems like kismet.

  • beau says:

    I’m just happy that this movie is gaining traction so well. Its amazing how fast shooting started. Keep this train going.

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