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Captain’s Log – June 13th, 2018

By June 14, 2018 March 2nd, 2021 Captain's Log

So yesterday I teased the above image. It is the uniform that Pike’s friend (customer?) wears in the dream sequence with the Orion Slave Girl in The Cage.  Well, Axanar costume consultant Caude Doziere and I discussed making one of these for Garth for use in the next two episodes of The Four Years War.

One of the things we always like doing at Axanar is plying the reaches of Star Trek history and canon and honoring it.  We are hard core Star Trek geeks and we love the Easter Eggs we can drop, not just for the sake of dropping them, but because they FIT into our era of Star Trek.  Star Trek Discovery can do what they want to “reimagine” Star Trek. But the fact is that look, like it or not, is NOT Prime timeline Star Trek.  (It is actually the only real issue I have with Discovery)

One of the things we are all focused on as we work towards our next two segments is making the next two episodes BETTER than Prelude to Axanar.  That is a pretty high bar, but we look to improve in every way we can.  So when it comes to costumes, what can we do?

Well Claude and I talked at length, and after Claude was well under way with Garth and Sonya’s tunics, we decided to add another tunic for Garth.

And the close up detail:

We kind of think of this like Picard’s jacket in season 5 of The Next Generation.

We hope you like the direction we are going.  Your comments are always welcome.


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  • Dave Hernandez says:

    Alec, that looks really good!

  • Amanda J Phillips says:

    I have to say I’m impressed, colours go well together, I like it so much
    Oh yeah I forgot, Claude is looking amazing in it lol, don’t chuck me out of the airlock

    Garth will look amazing in it! Can’t wait too see it

  • Bobby Maroudas says:

    I dig it!

  • Michael Whay says:

    An Arris emblem officer’s jacket in a retro style would be pretty sweet for a bit of original wardrobe.

  • Todd Milner says:

    Pursuing the uniform in the dream sequence is genius. But the “regressions”(?) don’t seem to have the fullness of material nor the level of comfort which we see in the dream sequence.

  • Ben Willis says:

    Love the direction the tunics are going! Also delighted that the script is locked. Any news on the timeframe for filming the last 2 episodes?

  • Michael says:

    How neat. I still wish you’d have made the bridge a bit more “Pikeish.”

  • Rick Newton says:


    The dickkie part of this uniform shirt doesn’t, IMO, match what is in this scene in “The Cage”/”The Menagerie.” The uniform jersey in the image you provide for this post even shows the difference quite strikingly.

    The uniform shirt as seen basically has the standard jersey beneath. Your designed jersey is using a lighter, “shinier” and two-toned fabric. Instead, you should be using the uniform shirt you have for Garth in Starfleet uniform with the over-shirt that you show in this new image (from your costume designer).

    Anyway, that’s just my observations. 🙂

  • Mark Mazz says:

    They say the devil is in the details, and I Love that the gold piping goes all the way around the neckline. It just makes more sense as for clothing design. What’s interesting is how far up the arm the golden bracelets are. There must have been some particular reason to do that in TOS, and maybe there is some practical explainition for it.

    It’s just wonderful to see the progress on the new episodes!
    Yesterday’s update about the different avenues of progress was splendid, as obviously we all want the studio renew and be a long-term success. Seems like the hard-lifting of the past few months is bearing real results.


  • Bob flatters says:

    I always thought it was a jacket that the actor was wearing in the cage.

  • Reg Young says:

    Great! Honors the origins of Star Trek in a way Discovery never has.

  • Jeff says:

    I too have a problem with Disco’s uniforms, but not because they don’t fit the original timeline. It’s that they aren’t practical/realistic. There’s no practical reason to embed the ‘starfleet’ emblem as a mesh accent pattern. It *LOOKS* like a costume, not a uniform.

    I too am a bit of a Star Trek nerd, particularly in that Trek is ‘based in reality’ (plausibility). But as far as I’m concerned, the original timeline is gone. It is gone by way of canon, and long before even the Kelvin incident.

    Temporal incursions, particularly as seen in Voyager, drastically altered the advance of technology from the original prime timeline. (And they do a good job of explaining why early 21st century (our) tech and that of the 22nd century (ST: Enterprise) ended up more advanced than mid 23rd century tech as depicted in the original show.)

    That said, I absolutely LOVE what y’all are doing. That you’re doing it within the context of the (defunct) original timeline is adaptively respectful to the source.

  • Claude Doziere says:

    I am happy that these works are to your liking and all comments are welcome.
    Alec wants to bring the bar high as he has always done and this is an incentive for all of us
    that we collaborate on the project. I would like to take the opportunity to say that Alec is a
    very demanding man as I am, Alec’s need is proportional to his love for Star Trek. We often
    talk together and I can tell you that it is not a person who closes doors but opens doors.

  • […] about.  I know you make the occasional update on your blog on the Axanar website (like this one showing the new uniform variant that Garth will wear, created by costumer Claude Dozière).  But […]

  • Devon R Loftin says:

    I definitely like the idea of incorporating the classic uniform in Axanar. I am 45 years old and a lifelong Star Trek geek. There is NOTHING I have that I wouldn’t gladly give up to try for the chance to wear any uniform in any timeline in front of a Star Trek camera. Thanks and keep up the good work

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