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Captain’s Log – February 17th, 2018

By February 20, 2018 March 5th, 2018 Captain's Log

Star Trek goes to School!

Saturday, February 17th, 2018

As mentioned in our blog post, OWC Studios, the home base of Axanar, has begun to work with the heads of the Gwinnett County Video Production program.  28 secondary schools in Gwinnett County (the county just northeast of downtown Atlanta) have programs for students to learn film and TV production.  Allison Falch, one of Axanar’s amazing volunteers, is a teacher at South Gwinnett High School and invited me in to talk to her video production class.

Well, Allison then introduced me to Pasha Souvorin, who loved the idea of using the studio for the betterment of the students.  One idea floated was what about getting students to make their own Star Trek fan films!  We already have one group of students coming to see the facility, and we hope to have more.  We are a little late for this semester, but we hope to be able to create a regular program for the students for the Fall.

Will Perry, Video Cluster Coach for Gwinnett County Public Schools and Pasha Souvorin, Video Pathway Lead Teacher for Gwinnett County Public Schools

Other World Computing, our amazing sponsor, also loved the idea, and we hope to make this studio a dynamic asset for the Gwinnett County schools.   I also had a meeting with a high profile businessman in Atlanta, and we are hoping we can eventually make this available to students all over the city.  As Spock would say “There are always possibilities!”.

So stay tuned for more information as we begin this new part of our journey!

The first group of students to visit the studio!


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