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Bumps in the PRELUDE Road to Fulfillment

By September 29, 2015 April 29th, 2016 Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment

First off, this post will only apply to a small number of donors–those who were part of the original PRELUDE to AXANAR Kickstarter campaign, donating between March 1 and March 31, 2014. That’s it, no one else need read any further. (If the following mess doesn’t apply to you, you should consider yourself lucky.)

So, what’s the news regarding the last of the PRELUDE Kickstarter fulfillment? From the title above, you’ve probably already guessed… another one of those annoying bugs has cropped up within that evil program known as BackerKit (or, as I’ve come to think of it, The Very Bane of My Existence).

Yes, it’s true… still another pesky problem has reared its ugly head, and today… well, let’s just say it’s a good thing the BackerKit folks and I weren’t drinking together. (You saw what I did there, right?Β  πŸ˜€ Some days, you have to get your grins wherever you can make them happen.)

Seriously, though, here’s the problem: A major part of the “back end” of any fulfillment system relies on getting the donors to answer a series of questions (generally called the “survey”), which supplies the fulfillment team with everything from donor name and shipping info to possible choices that may apply, such as size. Other questions can come into play when someone upgrades or adds extra items to the initial donation; the donor is then supposed to specify what upgrade he/she is paying for, and what additional things are desired. (Here’s a tricky little exception, by the way: Not everyone wants as many items as the total amount would make it seem, meaning some people simply want the extra money they’ve donated to go to the production, with no additional perks being requested.)

Picard Headdesk

I wish I didn’t know how he feels… but sadly, I do. :/

The problem that has now happened a few times is that I’ve sent out a kit to an international backer according to all of the information I have in his/her BackerKit account… only to be informed when the package arrives that the PRELUDE DVD (which was shown on the account, remember, and thus was what shipped in the kit) had been upgraded, and that a Blu-ray should actually have been shipped, instead.

Naturally, I’ve immediately gone back and taken another look at those accounts when someone has contacted me. What the accounts are showing is a small “credit” remaining–making it look as though another item could have been ordered, but wasn’t. What they are NOT showing is the upgrade to a Blu-ray, which the donors say was their intention. (See why I’m so frustrated?)

Now, you may be thinking that the credit might make things obvious, right? Well, no. In addition to the scenario laid out above–in which a donor pays extra without wanting additional items shipped (thus leaving a credit showing)–the fact is that most times–when someone has completely and accurately filled out his/her survey, certainly–a paid-for upgrade from a DVD to a Blu-ray DOES show up in the BackerKit, exactly where it should… and it shows up AS an upgrade, making it clear as to what the donor’s intentions were, as well as the fact that the upgrade was not only selected, but was subsequently paid.

Making matters worse, it’s impossible for me to know whether this is actually just another BackerKit glitch, or if the problem also (or instead) lies in the fact that not all surveys were filled out completely and/or accurately by every donor. What I can tell you, though, is that all I have to go from is what each donor’s BackerKit account shows… so, if you’re a PRELUDE to AXANAR donor to the first Kickstarter (remember, only those people who donated when it was ACTIVE, meaning during the month of March 2014) and you want to know what you should be receiving, take a look at your BackerKit account (NOT your Ares Digital account), and make sure EVERYTHING looks right there.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go pound my head against my desk some more. That’s got to help, right?

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  • I grieve with thee…

  • Christopher Lee Martens says:

    ITunes? πŸ™‚

  • Lee Benjamin says:

    Best of luck with it all, Diana. We appreciate all your hard work and wish there was more we could do to help. We remain ever patient.

  • Reece Watkins says:

    Yea, verily, BackerKit doth be an blight on the land…

  • Diana, don’t hurt that precious little head! What i find best is to crawl ‘under’ the desk and hide whilst whimpering, saves on head aches, as long as you take a drink of water with you and maybe even a snack πŸ™‚
    Keep strong and keep smiling πŸ™‚

  • Jeff says:

    I, for one, am getting tired of Backerkit being blamed for other people’s incompetence. Backerkit has been used by many, MANY other kickstarter campaigns with no problems whatsoever. I sympathized with you starting out, but it’s time to stop whining about how it’s everyone else’s fault. Learn from y our mistakes and make your next campaigns work better.

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Jeff, I think you’ve rather missed the point of this entire update, which is to let those backers being fulfilled by the BackerKit system (which we paid to use, and would therefore expect to work somewhat seamlessly) in our first campaign know the status of recent and upcoming shipments… and why some of them may have partially-incorrect kits headed their way.

      Is this latest problem something that we, as users of the BackerKit system, have done wrong? No… nor is it something we could have had any way of predicting, or of preventing. Whether the flaw is within the BackerKit system (almost certainly, given the numerous problems which had already arisen) or due to user (meaning donor) error, i.e., lack of attention when completing– or failing to fully fill-out– a survey, or some combination of the two, it is something we’re stuck trying to deal with/work around.

      As to your comment regarding other Kickstarters, yes, I’m sure many of them have used the system with fewer problems (although I’d be willing to bet everyone has had at least a few problems… of which they simply did not make you aware). Likewise, I’m sure many other Kickstarters have experienced even more problems with the same system; such is the nature of the beast.

      That said, we have clearly “learned from our mistakes” (including the myriad “mistakes” which weren’t ours, but are issues we’re nonetheless now forced to try and manage), and have created our own system for use with all subsequent campaigns, as you are hopefully aware.

    • Norman C. Lao says:

      There was absolutely NO reason to attack Diana in that manner. She is neither blaming, whining or complaining in any manner. What she IS doing providing all of the donors and customers with updates – professionally and courteously. Your response is unhelpful in every sense of the word. Is this frustrating – yes, but no one is probably more frustrated by the process than Diana – the person responsible for trying to work this all out and please every donor. Your attitude is absolutely uncalled for and you owe her an apology.

    • Alec Peters says:

      Well, Jeff, you are right about one thing, you are the ONLY one who has chosen to be a rude jerk to Diana. As a former techonolgy CEO who was an eBay partner, I can say that Backerkit is sub-standard technology. But you haven’t had to deal with it so you don’t know do you?

      Diana works her butt off and I would appreciate it if you don’t like the consistent updates she sends out, you just sit quietly and refrain from rude posts. You clearly have no idea what you are talking about.

      Alec Peters

    • John MacEnulty says:


      That was uncalled for. I can attest to the problems at Backerkit as I just tried to go there and log in. However, i couldn’t log in because the login page was insisting that there was no such account with that email address. A quick search of my email located the emails that Backerkit had sent me, along with a direct link to access my information (I will note in passing that the link should have expired by now) and when I clicked it, there was my account information, complete with the email they said didn’t have an account. fortunately, the only things I still have coming to me are digital downloads that I am unconcerned with right at this moment. The Axanar folks have enough on their plate and I care more about a finished product than any perks.

      I can only imagine how screwed up thing are for larger donors.

  • Paul Janssens says:

    *shakes head* Tisk tisk tisk … I’m sending supportive vibes across the ocean (plus a virtual truckload of dark chocolate : that’s good for at least feeling a bit better – I’m adding a pallet of paracetamol for the headache you’re getting from banging your head on the table).

    I’m sorry I can’t help in any way in this matter … just know that I’m thinking about you … Sure appreciate all your hard work and that you keep us posted about everything, including things going sideways or backwards …

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Thanks Paul! (Side benefit of virtual dark chocolate? Indulging as much as I want, lol…) πŸ™‚

  • Jason Genser says:

    Hello Diana,

    I **think** this applies to me BUT no longer remember how to access the Backerkit system. Do you have the link for that?

    Please advise,
    Jason Genser

    • Penny says:

      Hi I just typed in backerkit into Google and it lets you find your account. I just did it go make sure I had everything correct. Diana you are doing an excellent job and will wait patiently for my CD and DVD . keep up the awesome job

  • Thomas Moe says:

    I really feel for you. It’ really sucks when the electrons fail to play game. Anyway, I can confirm that my account is one of those affected by this curse. $10 remaining and no upgrade registered. There is no chance at all I (much less all of us) forgot to tick that particular item when submitting that survey.

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Now we can both feel frustrated, Thomas! Please email me once you receive your kit, and let me know that you are one of the affected donors with the unacknowledged Blu-ray upgrade, if you would.

  • Robert Clontz says:

    Thank you for the update, Diana. I think most of us are doing just fine with any delays that arise. Please know that many of us think the entire Axanar team is one class act! Peace, Diana. πŸ™‚

  • David Goldsberry says:

    If it helps any, Diana, I just checked BackerKit info, and all my add-ons are listed properly. Hopefully this is just a matter of a few donors that didn’t fill out the survey correctly.

  • Jerry says:


    As a member of this group, I recognized this problem while first donating. I am very sorry to see it has come true. Diana, you have done a remarkable job during this whole process and I wish to thank you for all of your efforts. Some, (Jeff) are bit clueless and just make things harder.

    I will go back into the Backer kit and double check, once more: THANK YOU.

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Thanks so much, Jerry. (And do be sure to let me know if BackerKit has befouled your info, ok? I’d much rather find out whilst I can still head off problems, than finding out afterward… πŸ™‚ )

  • Hey Diana – I’m sorry if you’ve covered this and I’m too obtuse to see it (or missed it). I checked my BackerKit and had 4 pledge items (which I’ve received) and 1 Add-On Item (the Blu Ray of Prelude to Axanar, which I have not received). Is there anything I need to (or can) do, or should I just sit tight?

    Thank you so much for the incredible amount of work and sweat and blood that you put into all of this.

    Vernon L. Vincent

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Since your BackerKit account correctly shows the add-on of a Blu-ray to your initial donation (I just checked), you’re all set! Thanks for being conscientious and taking a look at your account; it is much appreciated. πŸ™‚

  • Joe says:

    Diana, hang tough, you’re a blessing to all Axanerds.

  • Chris says:

    Verified and good to go!

  • Eric Berry says:

    I’ve checked my info on BackerKit and everything shows up as it should including the Blu-Ray upgrade. Can’t wait to get everything!

  • Chad Garland says:

    Looks like I may be one of the affected πŸ™ I will let you know for sure once I receive the package. Hang in there – your time using backerkit is quickly coming to an end! I think you have done a great job and I appreciate all your communication with all of us backers!

  • Richard Marcello says:

    This probably explains why I haven’t received my blu-ray disc as of yet. πŸ™

    Thanks for the update.

  • David Moore says:

    Hi Diana, Thank you for all your hard work on this. I’m one of the first day donors.for Prelude, but for some reason cannot logon to backerkit AND when I try to recover my password, it doesn’t have my email on file. Any thoughts. Feel free to email me directly.


  • Jason Moon says:

    Just checked BackerKit and it says I’m good for the Blu-Ray upgrade and all other perks on that level. Thanks to whoever provided the link!

  • Chad Garland says:

    Hi Diana, I just looked at my backerkit and I still show the $10 credit so mine may not be correct. I am pretty meticulous with backerkit and confident I selected the bluray upgrade because I have had other ones mess upin the past as well. I will let you know for sure once I receive it. The good news is that your time with backerkit is almost over!!! Thanks for all the great work you are doing and for how well informed you keep all of the backers. (I apologize if this is a duplicate comment but I do not see my post from earlier today in the list)

  • McDrake says:

    Got my BR today.
    Thanks a lot!!
    Great work.

  • Tristan says:

    I have checked my backerkit and it says I have a $10 credit with no blu-ray upgrade showing. Is there anything else I need to do?

  • Tom Ericksen says:

    As I was part of the first Kickstarter in March 2014 and am also wondering where my Bluray is, I just tried to sign up for backerkit (my assumption is http://www.backerkit.com). The only signup I could find made the assumption that I was going to use the service for a crowdfunding project I was creating. Where do I go to check my backerkit info? Thx.

    • Diana Kingsbury says:

      Tom, the link given us by the BackerKit people is as follows:

      (You need to scroll down to the very bottom, where there is a small box asking you to log in. Please email me at “support@axanarproductions.com with any questions, once you’ve checked your account. πŸ™‚ )

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