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Axanar Detractors Commit Fraud and Identity Theft

You know, we constantly roll our eyes at the pathological stalking, bullying and harassment of the Axanar detractors.   Their motivation is hate.  Hatred for me mostly, because I call them out on their asinine behavior.  I won’t cower to their bullying, and when they lie and act like assholes I tell them they are being assholes, and they don’t like that.  They are typical Internet bullies like we have all seen time and again, especially from fandom, where immature and socially unacceptable behavior has free reign.

Besides the constant lies and threats (my life has been threatened, as has Rob Burnett’s), there have been three major attempts at fraud by the haters.  All three involved identity theft, and all were likely known to, and probably encouraged by, Carlos Pedraza who maintains a secret Facebook group of the these arch-haters to discuss how to best attack Axanar and myself.

The first fraud involved one of Michael Hinman’s friends, Joshua Disraeli, who was claiming to be a millionaire wanting to donate to Axanar.  We busted that early as they were stealing the identity of a Florida lawyer and I reported it to the lawyer and got his firm’s security unit involved.

The second fraud was when Scott Carlson, another one of Carlos Pedraza’s group, tried to fraudulently rent Industry Studios.  He used his wife’s email, as if we couldn’t figure it out, and we notified her and the company that Scott was fraudulently using the information of, and ended that.  The fraud was being discussed on the secret group (we were notified by a member who thought fraud was too much), so we know Carlos and the rest were fully aware of this.

Now we find out that another of Carlos group, and one of the most pathological of the haters, stole the identity of a midwest news person. You can read about it on Fan Film Factor, where Jonathan also has a follow up with information that pretty much proves that this was hater Anthony Shuh, a stalker from Illinois who rants every day about Axanar, and ironically works in security.

All of these detractors and their actions are well known to Carlos Pedraza, who has been encouraging this behavior.  Yeah, the guy who claims to be a journalist because he was an intern at AP 20 years ago, has been helping to perpetuate these frauds.

You can read about the latest fraud in Fan Film Factor here and here.

And yes, all of the information on these frauds has been gathered and forwarded to our attorneys.  Thinking there will ultimately not be consequences for these actions, or the libel some engage in, is a mistake.

I wonder what the detractors are going to do when the next two episodes of Axanar come out next year and are as good as Prelude?  What will they bitch about then?








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  • Chason says:

    Stay strong Alec & Axanar. If they put in half their efforts towards the arts, they could create rather than destroy. Hugs!

  • Reece Watkins says:

    Haters usually resort to such tactics because they don’t have the security of any objective proof from which to launch their accusations. If it has to be plotted in secret, it isn’t “journalism”. The truth doesn’t need to hide. While I doubt Pedraza is the mastermind behind anything, if he sits by and allows others to plot and commit illegal acts and does nothing, he is complicit.

  • Frank Miller says:

    I read Jonathan’s blogs on the subject, Alec, and I gotta say that is really sick and misguided. Looks like the detractors will have a couple of lawuits to deal with which will make yours look like child’s. Play by comparison. Talk about poking thebear!!! Not a good idea!!! When the other parts of Axanar come out, you will have knocked out the biggest supporting leg of their platform of hate. They won’t have anything to stand on.

  • Sticks Ara says:

    I’m just shocked that people would want to go this far, especially for a fan film. I know that hate can come in many forms, but for this instance it should never reach these kind of levels.

    I’m confident that you and your team can handle any of these haters AND I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of AXANAR when it’s finished.

    Good luck to you guys 🙂

  • Stephen Shinsato says:

    When the next two Axanar episodes come out, they will take credit for them saying that if is wasn’t for them keeping Alec honest, the episodes would have never come out.

  • James says:

    Axanar is the best Trek to be made since TOS. Haters have diseased minds. If they weren’t latched onto Axanar they’d be harrassing someone else. Fight the good fight and hold true the values of the Federation and you’ll beat them.

  • Jen says:

    I haven’t been following this too closely because people such as these actually bore me. Think of how much good they can do instead of wasting time on pursuits such as these. Anyway stay strong, stay on track and the good will outweigh the bad.

  • Marcus coull says:

    Keep Strong Alex.Yes i was disappointed when you had to eventually agree i guess to the cbs bullys but it had to be done to move on.I look forward to Axanar when it is done and released .Live long And prosper..????

  • Chris Butcher says:

    It is so sad to see human beings become caught up in hate. Did they learn nothing from Khan? As a believer of “balance” in the Universe, I think that Karma may not be very nice to these fraudsters.

    Now, people who know me know that I certainly have no love for CBS because of the manner in which they chose to address Axanar, and its fans.
    But, I am certainly not going to waste my time on defrauding them or letting my dislike consume me! It is better to focus on what is good and right and wonderful in the cosmos and in the Earth. For me, luckily, there is Axanar!

    Always with Axanar and you, Alec!

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