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Axacon Ticket Price Update (They got cheaper!)

By October 1, 2018 October 9th, 2018 Axanar News, Cast, Conventions, Feature Stories
AXACON Nov. 2nd – 4th, Atlanta Airport Crowne Plaza

For the past two weeks I have been working with David Weiner, the head of SphinxCon, to adjust the prices on Axacon.  Feedback from some Axanar fans was that they many didn’t want to go to SphinxCon, just Axacon, and there were so many Axanar panels that they wouldn’t have time for SphinxCon anyway.   I may be a huge Honor Harrington fan, but we can’t expect everyone to be!

So Dave Weiner, being the awesome guy he is, agreed that if all you wanted was to go to Axacon, you should be able to get a ticket for just that!
So the new weekend ticket is $50 for Axacon only. You want a SphinxCon/Axacon ticket, you pay $75.
What does that mean? Well, if you buy an Axacon ticket, you only get to go to Axanar panels and events. If you want to be able to go to the Honor Harrington panels, you need to buy the combo ticket for $ 75.
For those who already bought tickets, we will be refunding you accordingly.  There will also be info on daily tickets shortly!
You can buy your tickets here:
And your Axacon/SphinxCon combo tickets here:

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