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Production Update – Axanar Shoots in January!

The second of the three Axanar shoots is set for Atlanta in January!

Team Axanar has set the date of the second of the three Axanar shoots for January 27-29 at Ares Studios here in Atlanta!

Shoot # 1 was a HUGE success!

Last year we had our first shoot, a one day shoot that was absolutely AMAZING.  We have two shoots left, one in LA for 3 days and one in Atlanta for 2 days, and that will put everything we need for Axanar in the can!

Shoot # 2 will be three days at Ares Studios!

We will be shooting two days of interviews for Axanar (The Four Years War documentary Parts IV & V) and one day on the bridge!  A total of a dozen actors will be on hand!  And this will all be shot at Ares Studios.

Shoot # 3 will be in LA.

While we planned for our big 3-day LA shoot for December, cast conflicts forced us to reschedule this. We hope to get the LA shoot done soon after Atlanta. When we do, we are done!

We are shooting an ENTIRE scene from the feature film script!

We are not only doing our 2 day Atlanta shoot with 8 actors being filmed for our two episodes, but we are ADDING a day of bridge work!  We already have much of the VFX from the first battle of the USS Ares from the feature film script.  We will finish those VFX and are shooting the bridge scenes to make an entire battle scene from the feature film that CBS/Paramount doesn’t want you to see!

Our Budget is a FRACTION of what we spent in 2019!

Our October 2019 shoot was supposed to be the relaunch of Axanar.  But due to a director more interested in advancing his film career than giving fans what they want, and his inexperienced “producer” partner, the $50,000 3-day shoot went over budget by 30%.  Our new team proved what a waste of money that was, by delivering last year’s one day shoot for only $7,000!  And we fully expect to be able to do our 3 day shoot in Atlanta at Ares Studios for only $15,000!  That will be less than ONE QUARTER of what was spent for a 3 day shoot in 2019.

Our team is fired up!

We had our second staff meeting yesterday and I can tell you the team is fired up!  DP Geoff Fagien, and our amazing director/editor Mark Edward Lewis have been planning out the shoot to give you bridge scenes like you have never seen in a fan film.  Plus we will be able to shoot two full days of interviews for the next two Axanar episodes.

We will be contacting donors who paid to be on set as production assistants or producers.  Please feel free to reach out to Alec at alec@axanar.com.

Axanar director Ted Brunetti with Chazz Palminteri and Robert DeNiro

What is different this time?   We have made some big changes after dealing two consecutive disasters as director and last year’s shoot paid off!   Ted Brunetti, our amazing new director, is a veteran of Hollywood and Broadway, having coached James Gandolfini, George C. Scott and Jack Lemon, and appeared in the Robert DeNiro Broadway play “A Bronx Tale”.  Ted focuses on performances, while editor/post-supervisor Mark Edward Lewis, who has been with the production since 2013, will handle the more technical directing duties as well as directing the bridge scene.

Our new DP is a no-nonsense professional who is bringing his Red Komodo camera, anamorphic lenses for that big cinema look, and a wealth of expertise.  Add to that our favorite gaffer, Jim Ross, and returning pros at sound and DIT, and we are set!

Stay tuned for more info, and THANK YOU for your support!

We are excited to finish Axanar in 2023!

Team Axanar


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