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Prelude to Axanar – A Fan’s View

By January 16, 2017 January 10th, 2024 Axanar News, Captain's Log

Fran Murphy 1

Author Fran Murphy posted this on the Axanar Fan Group, and it was so relevant, I felt the need to post it!

Fran Murphy:

Prelude to Axanar was the best Star Trek I’ve ever seen. It was real, it was raw, it was relevant and it was harsh. It finally shone the light of reality on a universe that had been viewed (adequately) through the lens of cookie cutter drama. Say what you will, but Star Trek was always edited to be a television show or a movie, and was always painfully aware, in a sense, of its medium. Prelude changed that. It took all the bits that made Star Trek what it is and tossed them around the sandbox. It REVEALED to us what a sandbox mentality could produce. A richness. A reality and a heart, a feeling and a truth. Deep Space Nine was the bravest of the Trek series because it took existing elements and mixed them all up to produce something else – it gave us the Dominion War, and it proved once again how a spin off can sometimes be better than the source material. Frasier, anyone? I don’t care about the law. I don’t care who makes Star Trek. All I can say is Mr. Peters made the most Star Trek product since Star Trek bid farewell to its original cast. Star Trek dares us to do better. It says to us all to challenge the greed and blinkered vision of the capitalist system. It says we should call out lies, it says we should always aim to be David and not Goliath. In so many ways we need to win, if only to prove that in this world, the public can have a voice.  We are David. Goliath will fall.

Fran Murphy

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  • Ronald D. Hearn says:

    I feel ya I hear ya and I am Right There I feel the Same Way (Give Me My…..Trek Back) or franchise off somewhere else and just Quit Marketing IT, Then Release Rights That make sense for others to continue our dream, we have after all fed you for 50 years buying what we thought was good…………then got to compare Budget……to Budget……………and well seems better does not cost, well more !!!

  • Molly Kate McGinn says:

    Splendid commentary! Thank you, Fran.

  • W. Ted Jones says:

    Wow this really captures the spirit of how I felt when I first saw Axanar, I was seeing another side of my favourite universe.
    I so hope you win and we get to see this as a short series or as an on going series, it is a story that should be told.

    Thank-you we the fans believe in you .

  • paul j costello says:

    Thank you for expressing what real star trek fans feel about axanar! This is something that corporate suits cannot understand. This powerful story must be told. The passion the actors for this project have is the driving force that no studio exec will ever understand. Long live axanar and all our star trek dreams! Admiral 315!

  • Chris Gibson says:

    Beautifully said. I watch Prelude to Axanar over and over. That’s how you know when something is great, when you cherish the special moments in it so much that you want to see it again and again. Fan films should not have to limit their creativity when no profit is made from the viewing of it. Of course the workers should be paid for their time and effort. I stand behind everything Axanar has done and ever will do. Go Axanar! Go Alec!!!

  • John Biancamano says:

    WOW when I read this it is so on point that it had me near to tears, and I’m not prone to such displays! LOVE YOU GUYS!!, and MR. Murphy BRAVO !

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