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JG Hertzler on “Prelude to Axanar”

By July 29, 2014 April 29th, 2016 Axanar Production Notes, Feature Stories

We are honored to have JG Hertzler as one of our cast members.  He is not only a wonderful actor, but a truly generous human being.  Here are his comments about Prelude to Axanar:

From JG’s Facebook page:

“Okay…here’s the deal….The new ST Film…AXANAR…has been born and is now growing at an unprecedented rate. How is this happening so fast? Two things…Alec Peters…the producing power behind the project, has done everything with extraordinary organization and brilliant creativity. The creative staff behind the project is every bit as good as that of a major studio in Hollywood…I have worked at all of them over the years and so I am saying this based on personal knowledge and fact. The director, Christian Gossett is in the mold of Ridley Scott…Christian hails from the world of visual art in the movie business…his sketches, his story boards, his ideas are beautifully refined, filled with passion and each drawing is worth 10,000 words. The same kind of elevated language applies to every department head involved in “Prelude to Axanar.” Even the concept of producing this PRELUDE is new thinking in Hollywood and has worked wonders. The actors that Alec and Christian have engaged for the project are professionals of the first order…and I am speaking not only of Richard, Tony and Gary, three men whom I also call my personal friends…each one having played leads in major TV Series and title roles in feature films. They are professionals, they are talented and they are dedicated to the project. Although I do not personally know some of the other cast members, I have seen their work and so have you…again…brilliant professionals. If there is a Hollywood film project that merits your financial engagement, no matter the amount….AXANAR is it. From the pov of organzation to talent involved, Axanar has been built to excel. My recommendation…I have already contributed and my advice to you is to come aboard this ship as soon as possible. It is rare to be able to engage at the beginning of any extraordinary project in Hollywood…and this is one of those rarities that should not be missed. So that’s my 2 cents…well maybe my 4 cents but for more affirmation…google PRELUDE TO AXANAR and watch the short film….the word “trailer” does not define the work on this short…it is a short feature that clearly demostrates all that I have just written, And know this…no one asked me to write this. I have over four thousand FB friends, most of you interested in the universe of Star Trek….and I wanted you to know the truth. jgh”

Thanks to our good friend John G. Hertzler for his wonderful comments.

The Axanar Team

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