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Captain’s Log – October 15th, 2017

By October 23, 2017 Captain's Log

Sunday October 15th, 2017

This past week, Paul Jenkins and I got together to discuss the re-write of the script.  It was a good second meeting where we discussed the scope of that re-write.  Now, the previous version of the script that Bill Hunt had worked on was pretty good.  There was one major issue I had with it, and Bill really didn’t want to change that, which was cool.  He felt very strongly about killing a specific character and I disagreed as that character plays in the larger Garth story that extends through Garth’s eventual descent into madness and subsequent redemption.

So after Paul read the entire script, we discussed this among other issues, most all of which were smaller, things like dialogue and such.  Fortunately, Paul agreed with me about the death of the character.  I say fortunately, because if he thought it was a good idea, I would have accepted his judgement.  Paul after all, has been a writer of comics, games and screenplays for a few decades.  The guy has unquestioned credentials and I respect that. Heck, he wrote Wolverine’s origin story!

Our first meeting on Axanar!

When Paul and I first met on Monday, October 2nd, we hit it off and spent 6 hours together.  After I showed Paul the studio we had dinner at Local Republic, my favorite Lawrenceville, GA restaurant, moved to beer (or cider for the Brit!) on the rooftop at McCray’s next door, and ended with coffee at Universal Joint, another great Lawrenceville hang out.  The fact that we could spend 6 hours chatting about Axanar shows you how we hit it off.  He loves the project and I love Paul’s energy.  The guy is not only a brilliant writer, but he gets Axanar and is a blast to hang out with.

So Paul is getting started on the rewrite, which won’t be a major rewrite, but more a polish of dialogue, a deepening of characters and an overall look at the flow.  Just like Bill’s work, the story and structure remain the same, the script just gets smoother and more polished each time.

So stay tuned as I fill you in on what Paul comes up with!


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  • Lee Benjamin says:

    It was awesome seeing everyone at the studio and meeting Paul Jenkins. Thank you for the opportunity!

  • Jacob Woodley says:

    It’s good to know that you guys are able to continue work on Axanar. Discovery’s story was ok, it’s just the effects didn’t appeal to me. You guys on the other hand went the extra mile to make it feel like the Original Series. Good luck guys. ^_^

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