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Captain’s Log – March 7, 2015

By March 7, 2015 April 2nd, 2015 Captain's Log

You would think my day off, to be spent with my god sons and their Mom at a Renaissance Fair (my god sons and my first), would be a day free from Axanar. Yet, what do I find at this Ren Fair within the first 5 minutes? Star Trek fans who LOVE Axanar!

Of course just because you are at a Ren Fair doesn’t mean EVERYONE is in medieval dress. In fact I counted 3 Dr. Whos, many pirates, and more Steampunk than you can shake a steam engine at! In fact Ren Fair is basically an outdoor cosplay convention. And a Star Trek landing party fits in pretty well in this primitive culture that is Ren Fair!

So when I met these Star Trek fans I asked if they knew about Axanar because I am ALWAYS selling it, and I just assume most Star Trek fans don’t know about it. But they did! And they loved it, and the 10 or so members of their local Star Trek fan group all chatted with me about Axanar. “OMG It’s Captain Garth!” one said, and “This is better than when I ran into Gene Rodenberry” said another. I was so floored at the total love these fans had for Axanar. It was so awesome.

Ren Fair 6

Ren Fair 7

So much for a nice day away from Axanar! 🙂 It was a true pleasure to see how much these fans loved Axanar and how much they are waiting for the feature!

Oh, and back at the ranch, Robert Burnette finished painting the edit bay and started moving in!Edit Bay

Rob is very excited to be the first crew member to have his own office and will be starting work full time this week! That means lots of videos about Axanar every week!


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