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Captain’s Log – July 24th – 28th, 2015

By July 28, 2015 Captain's Log
VulCon 1

Spock bust outside the Trekcetera Museum

This past Friday, Diana and I took off for Vul-con in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.  As I had helped arrange the appearance of Tony Todd, Gary Graham and Richard Hatch, the show promoter, Devan Daniels, a friend for many years, paid all expenses for both Diana and I to go and hang out at the convention.  It was a tiny show, but of incredibly high caliber.  And it was held in a town dedicated to Star Trek!

VulCon 2

The Enterprise model outside the visitor center

The first thing you see upon entering this town of 1,800 is a big Enterprise model on a huge pedestal.  There is a visitor center dedicated to Star Trek, with various pieces of Star Trek merchandise and a very cool model of the solar system making up the ceiling.

The convention was a lot of fun, though pretty chill. Some good cosplay, including some great Babylon 5 action! (We love Babylon 5)

VulCon 7

Diana meets Londo Molari!

The dealers room was held in an ice rink, and was very well done and professional with a good variety of about 60 dealers. Then they had an auditorium for the panels, where I held a Collecting Star Trek Props and Costumes panel on Sunday.

VulCon 4

Michael and Devan

Michael Mangold and Devan Daniels, who run the truly awesome Trekcetera museum.

VulCon 5

Gary Graham and Diana at the Aspen Crossing train

The last night Devan took everyone out to this amazing restaurant, Aspen Crossing, built in a train, which also had a working train with a bar and more. Though the train wasn’t running at the time we got there, we got to hang out there and have a drink after dinner in the static train car.

VulCon 6

Trekcetera museum, run by Michael Mangold

The Trekcetera museum is truly spectacular and a treasure trove of props & costumes from Star Trek.

VulCon 8

B’Lanna Torres costumes on display

VulCon 9

Star Trek: Nemesis Costumes and Shinzon’s Throne

VulCon 10

Just some of the great props on display

Diana and I flew back Monday so nothing to report on Monday, but thanks to Devan and his team for a wonderful convention experience.


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  • Brian Heite says:

    Cool, Alec! I have heard of Vulcan, they were in the news a while back for something, aha! They were raising $2 Trillion to build a real Enterprise. Now that was going to be a really big Kickstarter! Good for you that you and Diana got to go!

  • John says:

    Ok was just over at the IndieGoGo site, and we’re just $400 away from the first starch level!!!! Let’s Go GO Go !

  • Allan says:

    I only just became aware of the Axanar project. Amazing!!! Exciting!!! I am an introvert, so when I saw you on the panel at the Vulcan meet and greet I was too shy to say hi. What a mistake! There should have been a little more fan fair and promotion letting us know who you were and promoting Axanar. I would have loved to have actually meet you and heard you talk about the project! I wish for a successful conclusion, and look for to seeing the finished product. Thank you for visiting us in such a remote location and for bringing in Todd, Graham and Hatch. Star Trek people are the best,the friendlest and do the most amazing things. Live long and prosper.
    Calgary, Alberta

  • Jason Moon says:

    “Mis-STER Gar-I-Bald-I!” Sorry, it had to be said. 🙂

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