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Captain’s Log – Discovery Props & Costumes – Part I

By July 27, 2017 Captain's Log

Sunday July, 23, 2017

Today our main goal at San Diego Comic Con was to visit the Star Trek Discovery prop & costume exhibit at Michael Wolf Gallery. This was a great idea by CBS, and you even got your photo taken in a Discovery Captain’s chair for free.  The gallery is small but nice located only two blocks from the convention center up 5th street, and overall, it was well done.

Today we look at the Starfleet EVA suit.  A beautiful piece, I was most impressed with all the detail. I think it is a bit over-designed, as simplicity should rule when designing something that is supposed to enable people to work in space.  But still cool and amazingly well built.

Tomorrow a look at the Klingons!







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  • Edward Cox says:

    Little crude pop riveting it showing dents and bends to the sheet metal. Looks like aluminum siding workers popped it together. It served but doesn’t stand close scrutiny..

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