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Welcome to Fulfillment Central!


Greetings, fellow Axanerds!

This entry marks the debut of Axanar’s all-new Fulfillment Central Blog, which will hopefully provide everyone with a more in-depth look at the funding side of our project… and everything that comes after.

Is funding glamorous, like the making of a movie is? Nope, not even close (except possibly to an accountant or banker, lol). But, is it something all donors should know a little bit about… seeing as how your donations are allowing us to follow our dreams, pursue our passions, and create some cutting-edge content? Absolutely!!

So, keep an eye out for new blog posts from the Fulfillment desk (as well as new entries under the main blog, and Alec’s daily Captain’s Logs). I’ll try to make it interesting and fun… and to talk about things not necessarily mentioned in my frequent donor updates.

Finally, if you have an idea for something you’d really like for me to discuss/explain/etc. here, by all means send me an email (support@axanarproductions.com) and let me know; I’d love to hear from you!

Signing off from Fulfillment HQ for now (because work here is never, ever “done”)…

~Diana Kingsbury

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  • Paul Janssens says:

    Woohoo … your very own blog on the Axanar main page !!!
    Well, nothing is more logical than that the Queen Goddess of Fulfillment should have her own blog 😉
    I’m sure it’ll be GREAT (and fun 😉 ) to read !!!

  • Alec/Garth might be the captain, but Diana is the structural intensity field that holds the Ares together! 🙂

  • Norman C. Lao says:

    As always…thanks for all of your hard work Diana! Thank you for taking such incredible care of all of the donors and volunteers. You are the best!

  • Reece Watkins says:

    Tactics win engagements, strategy wins campaigns, but logistics wins wars. Thanks for keeping the supply lines secure, Diana!

  • John MacEnulty says:

    The graphic is perfect!

  • And just like that Diana drops some knowledge on us! Thanks Diana. Looking forward to the updates. 😉

  • Chris mongson says:

    i have forgotten what I am supposed to be getting. Don’t tell me what, I like the surprise but if you could email me the when , that would be fun.

  • Jennifer Connelly says:

    Your new blog makes me do cartwheels! <3

  • Bob Michiels says:

    Aha, looks like the posts from this blog are captured from the same RSS-feed the Captain’s Log is flying under, good. 🙂

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