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Trekcetera Campaign a Success!

We are happy to report that “Friends of Trekcetera”, lead by Axanar fan Reece Watkins, raised over $ 5,000 that the official Star Trek museum needed to make a critical loan payment.  The day before, Devan Daniels and Michael Mangold, the museum owners, had raised $ 5,000, so all together, they raised the $ 10,000 they needed to cover a loan payment due this week. 100% of the money is now in the hands of Devan and Michael (less the GoFundMe fees). Thanks to Star Trek fan Reece Watkins who created and ran the campaign and Mike Bawden for facilitating the transfer of the money to our Canadian friends. This is the kind of cooperation and support that makes Star Trek fans great!

CBS had contacted Devan and Michael yesterday and told them they could not crowd fund and they had to take the campaign down.  But of course, THEY weren’t crowd funding, fans were.  And the fans came through in a major way!  In fact, over 50% of the donated funds came from Axanar fans after an email was sent to Axanar donors asking them for help.

Star Trek is about us aspiring to be better than we are.  About coming together and achieving great things.  And that is a driving principle of Axanar.  We are Star Trek fans.


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