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The Star Fleet Enterprise is REAL! (and it’s free!)

By February 2, 2022 February 18th, 2022 Captain's Log


Better Futures, an event run by Liftport, an organization working to help mankind settle the Moon, Mars and our Solar System, is a two day, online conference about how that will happen.  Come hear speakers from all aspects of the the space industry talk about what it will take to build our first permanent space station where 15,000 people can live!

The Multiplanetary Society, Axanar and Ares Studios have worked together to bring you all FREE PASSES to this event, which usually costs $45.

Register here:


Use the coupon code: GalaxisGalGold and registration FREE!!!!

Watch the short video into:

Here was the last event:

Come join us and learn about the very real efforts of humans to colonize space!

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