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T-Shirt Perk Shipping!

Claim your T-Shirt donor perk!

This is for ALL donors who donated $125 in the 2014 Kickstarter or the 2015 Indiegogo for the Axanar T-Shirt.

One of the most important things we have been working on is how we best distribute perks. After shipping out patches to donors from our Indiegogo campaign in 2019, we got over 10% back, costing us hundreds of dollars in wasted postage and many hours of wasted effort. So now donors go to the Ares Studios Store to claim their perks. This ensures a current address, and saves hundreds of hours of time dealing with returned shipments and chasing down donors current addresses. In addition, by each donor paying a small fee for shipping & handling, Axanar saves thousands of dollars. And we make it up to you by giving you free stuff!

Instructions have been sent via email to all donors eligible.  If you think you are eligible, but didn’t get the email, please check your spam folder, and if needed, contact us!


Because you have to pay for shipping & handling, every T-Shirt comes with the following items FREE!

USS Apollo patch
USS Ares Development Team Vinyl Sticker
USS Ares Construction Team Vinyl Sticker

International donors ALSO get:

USS T’Val patch

Plus, if you didn’t already get a USS Ares Challenge Coin Perk, you can add it to your order for only $4.95 shipping extra!

Any questions, email me at alec@axanar.com.

THANK YOU for your support & patience!

Alec Peters

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