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Prelude to Axanar Perks are Shipping!

By August 21, 2014 April 29th, 2016 Donors, Fundraising & Fulfillment

Perks are finally being shipped!  The intrepid associate producer Diana Kingsbury has been working hard shipping out perks!


Patches: All levels will receive their patches, including stretch goal patches. Please note that if you donated at the $ 25 level or higher, your patches will be included in your package with your other items, or shipped separately if those other items are not immediately available (e.g. CDs, DVDs, Blu Rays, Tunics).

If you donated less than $ 20 and thus only got electronic perks, we asked in the Backerkit that you pay $ 5 for shipping. If you have not paid that, your patches will be delayed.

Posters: Will be shipped in a tube. If you are due a T-shirt, then you will get your poster in a tube in your T-shirt box!

T-Shirts: Will be shipped in a box with everything else.

Add-ons: If you ordered other patches, signed photos, posters, etc., that is all going out too!

It isnt easy work!
It isnt easy work!


1)  DVD/Blu-Ray and Soundtrack CD

When Rob Burnett finishes Season 7 of the Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu Rays for CBS this week, he will begin working on the Prelude to Axanar DVD/Blu Ray. The Soundtrack CD needs to be authored too. Both those should be done in about 45 days give or take. Then all DVD and Blu Rays will be shipped!

2) Tunics  –  If you donated for one of these, it will be several months before we ship these.   We expect to send out these after Axanar is shot, so we can use your tunic in production.  That way you not only get the tunic you wanted, but it is screen used as well!

3) Ares Schematic Posters  –  These are big and haven’t been printed yet.  We will get to these in September.

Orders waiting to be shipped
Orders waiting to be shipped


Shipped Orders!
Shipped Orders!

We shipped hundreds of packages yesterday.  More being shipped today.  Be patient and stay tuned!

Alec Peters

Executive producer

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  • Bill Murphy says:

    The only thing I’ve received is acknowledgement of my donation. I’m OK with the delayed delivery of the patches, etc but I haven’t received my password for the Axanar site. Is *this* normal? I tried to ask a question on the site and was asked for a password there as well.

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