STARFLEET International

STARFLEET: The International Star Trek Fan Association is proud to be a partner of AXANAR. Known simply as ‘STARFLEET,’ we are a 5,000 member strong organization united in our collective appreciation for STAR TREK, Science-Fiction, and Space Exploration. Founded in 1974, STARFLEET remains the oldest and largest continuously-operating STAR TREK fan organization in world for over 40 years.

We have 250 local affiliated chapters internationally, divided into geographic Regions. Our community fosters friendship, fun, service, and the vision of Gene Roddenberry. Whether you want to join a local fan club or participate in our regional or international events, as a dues-paying member you decide the level of your involvement with our organization.

STARFLEET offers a membership card, membership certificate, a CD containing all of our governing documents and membership-related information, and the quarterly magazine, the STARFLEET Communique. We offer electronic annual memberships ($10) as well as print annual memberships ($15), and provide discounts for families who wish to join us together.

Please visit us at our website ( to get more information about STARFLEET and enlisting as a member!

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