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New Axanar You Tube channel to host all Live videos

In the interest of being as efficient as possible, and not overloading fans of Axanar with more content than they want, we have created a new Axanar You Tube Channel just for all of our LIVE videos.  This includes Axanar Confidential, Axanar After Dark, and all Live videos we create such as from the set while filming or at Ares Studios.  This way, if you subscribe to the Axanar You Tube channel, you will only get Axanar Updates and any created and edited video content.

We feel this is best as there is one group of Axanar fans who love the daily content, and another, large group that don’t, they just want the big highlights so they don’t miss anything important.  And this is the best solution for that!

This change is in thanks in large part to Trey McElwain, who has been picking apart the analytics of the channel and told me that the live videos were hurting some of the bigger numbers.  Trey does a huge amount of work learning what is best on YouTube, and separating editing and curated content from live videos is something the best YouTubers often do. After Trey delivered the analytics news late last night, I slept on it, and as often happens, I get my best ideas while asleep.  I woke upo and called Trey and said “The solution is to create a separate channel for Axanar Live videos.  He agreed, and we have launched the Axanar Live! Channel.

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We are starting to fill the channel with all sorts of great live content, and tonight, Sunday, January 26th at 8:00pm, we will be launching Axanar After Dark # 10 with Trey and Alec co-hosting two + hours of fun and chat, combined with give-aways and discounts on Axanar Swag!

Axanar After Dark has become a popular hang out for Axanar fans to talk about Star Trek, Axanar, and the latest Star Trek shows like Picard or Discovery.  We try and broadcast every night and usually Alec is working shipping perks to donors while chatting with fans!

Axanar Random Live Streams are everything from chatting with Alec while he fulfills perks and orders from the Ares Studios Store, to live videos from Ares Studios to Axanar Dog Rescue!

So join us on the Axanar Live! Channel on YouTube.



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