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Justin Lin Gets Fast and Furious with Lawyers Attacking Fan Films!

Justin Lin Tweet

You got to love it when you wake up to the Star Trek Director Tweeting that Paramount suing Axanar is ridiculous.

Rob Burnett and I both love Justin’s Fast and the Furious films and are excited about Star Trek Beyond.

Thank you Justin!


Justin Lin FB Post

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  • Abhi says:

    They are probably hoping to delay Axanar just enough to beyond ST Beyond(!)

    • AriesRCN says:

      If they were smart they would have asked Axanar to delay and maybe offer some compensation (which would have cost less then a court battle), or just adopt Axanar as it happens before the first reboot movie.

  • Francisco says:


    Is that the best CBS can do?

    I’ll read the whole filing later, but first blush reaction……
    Ears: check our Tauriels ears in the Hobbit movies…dead ringers… Next, Spocksnears were very consistent in the series, but the variation in the movies and Vulcan ears generally has sometime been extreme and not consistent enough to copyright in my view. Further, Desilu probably infringed on the Munsters kids ears which are near as damn it. Finally, sine more than half the ear on show is the actors ears, you can only really try to claim the tip….so if the tips are not precise and identical, you may as well copyright fake noses!!!!!
    Klingon: I don’t believe much has been spoken in film and tv….certainly not enough for us say there is a full language….so if they are going after specific words….make up your own….plus didn’t most of the language come from the various books? And will CBS go after all the fans and tutors teaching and learning it…
    UNIFORM….its a coloured top and new insignia….this is ludicrous……

    Nice to see The director of Beyond breaking ranks…..
    Go Axanar…..

  • …well, this is just a smart move by Justin Lin: score cheap points with the Axanerds (and maybe they will go see your movie) =P

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