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Fan Film Friday – Bastards of Kirk

By February 5, 2016 May 18th, 2017 Fan Films

Ever wondered what…er…came from all those cosmically close encounters and fornicational first contacts that James T. Kirk enjoyed from one end of the galaxy to the other? Well, you might find your answer in the Canadian comedy fan film Bastards of Kirk!

I don’t have the time that I usually do to deep dive into all the background nitty gritty of this week’s fan film. But I can tell you that Bastards of Kirk premiered way back in July of 2006 at the Toronto Trek film festival. A few months later, it was shown at Fan Expo Canada and then sporadically afterwards at other conventions. Online, it’s only been viewed by a few thousand people, so it’s not one of the better known fan films…much the pity because it’s really well done for a low-budget parody.

The talent behind the film is a trio of Toronto-based Star Trek fans: Maninder Chana and Bob Thompson (writers) and Logan Lubera (director). But it all comes together amazing well thanks to a cast of twenty trained actors (trained actors make such a difference if you can get ‘em) and a production crew of nearly two dozen doing costuming, make-up, sound editing, music, and a host of other important jobs. The entire project was filmed over the course of a few weeks during May and June, with full days set aside early on for rehearsals. There were also long shooting sessions that lasted well into the wee hours to get the most out of the cast and crew while they were all still there.

A great deal of effort went into this project, and it shows. Sure, it’s not up to the level of New Voyages, Renegades, or Star Trek Continues, but it has a lot of heart, solid acting, clever writing, impressive directing, and—dammit, Jim!—it’s just plain fun to watch.


Bastards of Kirk is set up as an exposé airing on a future episode of 60 Minutes (still on the air after 315 seasons…and still using a darn stopwatch!) reporting on a class-action paternity lawsuit against one James Tiberius Kirk. Did Kirk violate the Prime Directive by impregnating women from Andoria to the Mirror Universe? Kirk himself seems to be in hiding, and reporter Mike Hollace’s search for the elusive captain takes him across the galaxy to all sorts of colorful (literally!) characters…each claiming to be the offspring—or of bearing the offspring—of the legendary starship commander.

You’ll see a number of familiar faces (played by different actors than the originals, of course) and more than a few alien races from throughout the alpha quadrant. Thanks to some really wonderful performances of the actors cast in these roles, the characters all come alive and stand out as fresh and dynamic. It all stitches together nicely into a fun and hilarious half-hour long fan film that is sure to get a chuckle or three from any TOS fan.

You can view Bastards of Kirk in six short parts by clicking here. Be advised, though, this is a bit PG-13 and pretty raunchy. If your virgin ears are easily offended by the idea of someone talking about bolding coming rather than going…well, you might want to skip this one. But if you have a dirty mind like me, well, this fan film is for you!

And if you need a little more convincing, here’s a bunch of still images from Bastards of Kirk to give you a taste of what’s in store for you…



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  • …i’m sorry, but coming from a “broken” family, and being somewhat of a “bastard” myself, this trope makes sad / angry =(

    • Jonathan Lane says:

      My apologies, Not Herbert, that wasn’t my intent…nor was it for the creators of this parody film, I suspect. There is a happy ending, of sorts, to this film if you watch it all the way through, and I hope that might lessen the blow, somewhat. If not, then please know that I have only the utmost respect and sympathy for children from broken homes. My own son was adopted, and my cousin raised two foster sons from almost birth (the oldest is about to enter college–I feel so old!). There are a lot of “broken” families out there, but there is also a lot of love in the world. With luck, the latter may someday eliminate the former…we can but hope. All the best to you, Not Herbert, and thanks for reading.

      • Thank you, Jonathan, for your kind and thoughtful words… you are obviously a good person =)

        yes, i know it’s not your intent, or that of the film… it’s just a sensitive area…

        thanks for helping to spread the love, and to heal the hurt, and for your kind wishes =)

        My Best to you as well! (…and keep up the great writing!)

    • Rich says:

      Rule of comedy, if someone somewhere isn’t offended, your doing it wrong.

  • Bob Snow says:

    I am a true blue bastard in the most literal sense of the word. Very silly stuff and fun to watch. Take a breath folks.

  • Kelvin says:

    love it kirk has spread the Prime Directive where ever he could and sooner or later it will come back

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