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Fan Film Factor Interviews Alec Peters on Financial Review Committee

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  • kenny smith says:

    Please do understand me ok please you did not make no errors cbs and paramount studio and have made a biggest errors EVER. They just want to get what money you get for your project for there own. That is 100% bad for them. This is why i would like to see you win your case.
    From me kenny smith from sacramento California.

  • Roelandt says:

    Thanks for the candidness, Alex.

    Remember Axanar!

  • I’ve seen the online Axanar preview.
    Looks really good, but is that it.
    I never knew there were such films.
    Do $ investors see a $ return.
    I’ve tried to keep tabs on legal events.
    To much confusing info on the internet.
    I just want a simple lawsuit update/ out come.
    What is the future here.
    Is there a non- FB website or source.
    I don’t want to read through a lot of BS.

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