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Donor Spotlight – Thomas Still

By January 19, 2016 January 23rd, 2016 Feature Stories

What is your history with Star Trek? 

I’m a donor and have been in love with Trek since I discovered The Next Generation from a Cheerio’s cereal box in the eighties. From the moment I saw an episode I was captivated. I loved the idea that humanity not only continues, but it thrives. In this vision of our future we were able to move past our differences and unite as one and explore the stars.

I am also the creator of the change.org petition (that is pretty awesome! -editor). I really can’t take a lot of credit for it. I just happened to be the first to do it.

As the oldest of four brothers, my younger brothers all made fun of my love for Trek. I must have had some effect on them because they’re now all as passionate about it as I am.

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How did you find the Axanar project, and why are you supporting the fan film?

I discovered Prelude by accident on YouTube and shared it with my entire family this past Christmas. They were enthralled. I support Alex and crew in this endeavor and applaud them for making a movie and writing a story so many of us want to see.

Join the discussion 5 Comments

  • David Hernandez says:

    Well done Thomas!

  • brian333 says:

    I clicked my vote as soon as I was aware of the petition, but we’ll need a lot more than 10,000 votes to impress CBS. How do we turn 10,000 into 10 million?

  • Ian says:

    I found Prelude the same way, on youtube by accident. Showed it to my parents and at the ending they were both on the edge of their seats wanting more 🙂 both like Star Trek, yes even the new movies, however they loved Axanar.

  • Wim says:

    CBS/Paramount will only be willing to negotiate if they feel their gross at the box-office is threatened and when a boycott would hurt the ST-franchise in general. The bottom line is: are there enough fans of Axanar who would get pissed and then not spend another dime on CBS/Paramount films (like Beyond) or the new TV-show when CBS would win the lawsuit? Honestly, I very much doubt it. CBS could just stop the Axanar project, sweat it out and let the storm pass over. In a few months it would all be mostly forgotten and business as usual for them. I think the shareholders are roaring with laughter when someone proposes a boycott on some forum. The gross result of the two previous JJ-films backs that up. This is why Axanar must give the best arguments that they possibly can to win the case. It is now or never! There are no second chances. A lot of fans are riding on this hope…

    The reason why they feel threatened by Axanar is embarrassment. A small group of passionate people creating something that the original fans have been dying to get for years and are willing to open their wallets for (crowdfunding) to see it done. And they making something far better with a humble budget than the IP-holder with a multi-million dollar budget. The secret? Love for Star Trek. Yes the people behind Axanar love Star Trek in the way Roddenberry intended it. They want to give the fans the best Trek they can possibly offer. CBS/Paramount have only one goal: “how can we make as much money as possible with as little investment as possible so our shareholders can fill their pockets?” That is not how you make a quality Trek movie.

    CBS/P. have been trying to get rid of the old fans and bringing in the youngsters with new JJ-Trek. They think that if they successfully get a new younger audience to fund their shareholders, then the old fans are expendable. How disrespectful to all those people who kept Trek alive for 50 years! All that matters to such corporations is money for the shareholders. They don’t understand the need of the fans. Axanar does.

    I truly truly hope CBS & Paramount come to their senses and work out a mutual agreement so that Axanar can be finished as planned. They could then license the film and make money off selling DVDs. It would be a win-win situation. I very much doubt that will happen. They want to kill the old Trek off for good so that we would all spend our money on the JJ-universe instead of spending it on funding passionate true Trek like Axanar.

    We can only hope that CBS/Paramount tolerating many Trek-based fan films in the past will work in Axanar’s favor. Their argument of Axanar being professional quality is also a weak one. How does funding an amateuristic fan film or a professional quality fan film make any difference for their shareholders? It doesn’t affect their wallets any differently.

    As for the Axanar project: steady as she goes, warp 9. Make it happen!

  • Maryann Barto says:

    I agree with what everyone is saying and the passion behind it. While Axanar has succeeded expectations, many people don’t know about it. CBS could possibly wait this out. More people need to know about Axanar. Axanar is truly there for the fans giving them what they want. It’s not there for CBS/Paramount to make a big profit. As Axanar kept growing , CBS felt threatened. Imagine fans choosing what they want to watch without anyone making a big profit?

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