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Donor Spotlight: Chris Mongson

By February 2, 2016 Axanar News


Tell us a little bit about yourself – we love hearing about how diverse Axanar fandom is!

I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Have two Trek-loving kids, and a Trek-tolerating spouse. 

How did you find the Axanar project, and why are you supporting the fan film?

I can’t remember when I met up with Axanar.  I heard about it right after the first funding drive and jumped in with both feet.  I have run an Axanar booth at a local con and am friends with most of the people involved and love them all to death. 

What is your history with Star Trek? Lifelong fan since the sixties? Enterprise fan? Abrams-verse lover? Let us know!

I have loved Star Trek for as long as I can remember but it was not until Voyager that I really fell in love with the whole thing. I now love it all and watch too often.  Went to my first con last year in Chicago. 


When I used to live in Texas I was the caregiver for one of the casting Directors of ST III.  Lots of awesome stories form that. 

I’ve got one supplemental question – is there any difference between the Trek you love, and the Trek your kids love?

That’s a good question.  My son is a Trek Purist and – only 15 years old!  He watches NuTrek but prefers the others.  My 17 year old daughter likes NuTrek but to her Canon Trek is her mainstay.  We can all watch NuTrek, but prefer Canon Trek.

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