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Donor Fulfillment Update – May 18, 2015




Looks like we’re finally only about two weeks (or less!) from having the beautiful soundtrack CDs in hand… which means shipping of any remaining perks for the PRELUDE TO AXANAR Kickstarter—*at the soundtrack CD-level, and under*—is set to commence, the second those boxes of CDs hit the studio doors!

And, after having to work around yet another paying job (let’s face it, everyone has bills that have to be paid, and when there’s paying work, you’ve gotta take it!) AND coping with a major head cold (which slowed him down but never stopped him), editor Rob Burnett should be handing in the final pieces for the amazing Blu-ray/DVD content that he and the rest of the worldwide editing team have been busily compiling, by next week. That means we’re hopeful the Blu-rays and DVDs will arrive back from the print house in early June, at which time the rest of the PRELUDE TO AXANAR Kickstarter packages—those *at the DVD/Blu-ray levels and higher*—will be shipping. (The ONLY thing we will not have for the PRELUDE TO AXANAR Kickstarter, at that point, is the tunics, which have not yet been fabricated.)

We’re SUPER-excited about everything, and hope you are, too!!

AXANAR Donors:

We’ve sent off our BackerKit information to the BackerKit company for approval and coding, and will be sending out emails with links to the checkout system once everything is done on their end. (The BackerKit checkout system is where you’ll be able to ensure that all of your information—email address, shipping address, etc.—is correct, and where you’ll also be able to specify choices, such as shirt size, etc., when applicable.)

So, all donors to the first AXANAR Kickstarter, keep an eye on those inboxes and look for your emails, hopefully by this weekend! (Please remember that a lot of spam filters automatically stick these emails in a spam folder, so you’ll want to check there if you can’t find yours…)

A big THANK YOU to all donors for your continued support… and enthusiasm!

Diana Kingsbury

Director of Fulfillment

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