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Crowdfunding for Axanar: What we are and are not allowed to do

By October 15, 2019 Captain's Log

While the settlement with CBS and Paramount is confidential and we cannot discuss the details of it, there have been enough wild rumors and conjectures that we think the studios would agree that it’s important to at least clarify some of the ground rules that were established for us.  We won’t go into specifics but instead just provide a general outline of what is and is not allowed in terms of crowd-funding the Axanar sequels.

Most important of all, yes, CBS and Paramount are allowing fans and supporters to make new donations to help fund the completion of Axanar.  However, any such donations must be raised privately and not publicly.  Now what does that mean?

Axanar Productions cannot publicly solicit donations on our main website, through our Facebook pages, on YouTube, in blog or podcast interviews, etc.  We cannot place online ads or make posts saying, “Go to this link to donate to Axanar.”  We cannot utilize public services such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or GoFundMe.  We can’t get a table at a convention and ask for donations.  We can’t even put a “DONATE NOW TO FUND AXANAR” button on the main page of our Axanar.com website.

And we have been extremely careful to follow all of these rules.  Even in my video updates during the first Axanar shoot, I was careful to explain that I was not allowed to give details publicly about the new crowd-funding campaign.  And with the exception of this one blog explaining the do’s and don’ts, we will not be posting anything further on the public Axanar.com website.

So what are we allowed to do?

We are allowed to privately crowd-fund by reaching out directly to those on our mailing list either via e-mail or snail mail or phone or even in person.  We already have an extensive mailing list with tens of thousands of names, and anyone is welcome to sign up for that list.  If you do, then you’ll receive regular updates, sneak peeks at exclusive video footage and trailers, access to special online gatherings, and yes, the opportunity to support us.

Thus the crowd-funding engine we use to collect donations is behind the Ares Digital firewall.  It is not publicly available and only donors and members of our mailing list can access it.   Our system uses Stripe, a major credit card processing system, and so we are not the ones collecting billing information.

And we sincerely hope that CBS and Paramount appreciate all of our efforts in regard to following the constraints of our settlement agreement with them.  We are truly grateful for the opportunity we have to not only crowd-fund the remaining two Axanar fan films but to crowd-fund over the limit listed in the general fan film guidelines.  We’re even off to a very solid start, and we are extremely excited by how much support the donors on our mailing list are showing us during this kickoff week.

The Axanar sequels are going to be even better than Prelude.  Already the the footage we shot last weekend is surpassing our expectations. We simply need to raise enough money from our backers to finish producing them, and we thank you all for helping make that happen!

And please log in to Ares Digital and update your information!

Alec Peters

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