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Chugging Away… Tribble-Style

Since you’re here, I feel pretty confident that any Star Trek (or sci-fi in general, for that matter) references I make will be understood and appreciated. (Hey, it’s good being among fellow geeks, isn’t it? 🙂 )

That being the case, let me just say that those yet-to-be-shipped Prelude to Axanar Kickstarter (and then retro) kits? They’re starting to feel a whole lot like tribbles… and not in the cuddly, purring, trilling, adorable way. No, I’m talking the hungry little buggers who got into the quadrotriticale supply and proceeded to gorge themselves on the yummy grains, only to make MORE tribbles.


Captain Kirk and HIS troublesome Tribbles…

Oh, I’m most definitely making headway. The Saturday and Monday of Columbus Day weekend, for instance, I got out 135 packages (and that was me fitting in shipping around meetings both days, as Fulfillment is only one of my jobs at Ares Studios)… plus another 75 packages I readied the next day, before the mailman arrived to pick them up late that morning. (And yes, he was in for a surprise, since the 135 or so he was expecting to collect had turned into more than 200, hehe.)


A portion of the packages waiting for the postman…


Fulfillment slowed down over the two days that were all about the Geekie Awards (which, being here in L.A.–and with us being nominated for Best Short Film!–meant a LOT of hours spent at the various venues). We actually WON our category, though– how awesome is that, right?! –which was really something, seeing as how this awards ceremony received major press. Kudos all around… but especially to AXANAR‘s brilliant creator, Alec. 🙂

That weekend was back to fulfillment, with another couple hundred packages going out. Then the next week was a mixture, because emails were accumulating faster than I could get to them AND do anything else, and it’s only possible to get serious shipping done if that’s the sole focus.

After an amazing (and much-needed) mini-vacation last weekend– the first such thing I’ve taken in longer than I can remember — with Alec, to see some of our friends in Canada, it was back home to the grind… erm, make that, back home to a boycat who was feeling most-decidedly unwell (meaning, I worked from home for two days… but no worries, because hey, there always seems to be a Tribble-like supply of emails to be worked through, too!). 🙁


Tuckered-out Boomer, enjoying some Mommy-time…

Anyway, after a visit to the dreaded vet (and lots of TLC from his mommy)… Boomer is now on the mend. I am back in the office, and shipping has resumed — but only for a day, because Comikaze Expo is this weekend, and is one of our bigger shows, in that we lay out quite an impressive spread.

So, there you have it. Most of October, in a nutshell. (Another blog to follow, shortly…)

Axanar on, everyone! 🙂

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  • Paul Janssens says:

    Good thing Boomie is on the mend !
    Looks like you are Wonder Woman, doing so much in such little time. Still the task is ginormous … I still can’t get my head around the at least 2,000+ packages to be sent … imagine when the mailing for the feature will start … zombie-time …

  • Karl Maurer says:

    Wow! That’s a lot of work… and fitting it in all while trying to get other things done. Just makes me wish I lived in the area as being currently ‘between jobs’, I have some time during my job hunt that I would love to be working there on a volunteer basis to help you. You rock!

  • Ultrawoman says:

    I am glad Boomer is feeling better!!!

    What does the post man do when he has more packages than he can fit in his mail truck?

  • Michael Miyabara-McCaskey says:

    Boomer eh? well is he a he… or is she a she… scifi classic vs. reloaded will tell! haha…

    And the Buddhist in me says – we will all gets our donation perks the moment we get them, and not a moment before! 🙂 Thanks for the great work.


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