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Casting Axanar

By January 3, 2016 January 5th, 2016 Cast

It seems that every person I meet wants to be a red shirt in Axanar. Well, we don’t kill off red shirts, so sorry, folks! But seriously, casting is always a fun topic of discussion, so let’s talk how we are casting Axanar.TV Guide Kharn

First, no one is signed to star in Axanar yet. Deal memos will be going out this month as we move towards a February shoot. Richard Hatch of course is committed to the project and very excited. Gary Graham is in, as well (and already starred in the Vulcan scene). JG Hertzler, always a huge fan of Axanar, says he can’t wait, and has been talking about how he plans to make Sam Travis look younger (since Axanar takes place about fifteen years prior to Prelude to Axanar). Kate Vernon is also coming back.

Unfortunately Tony Todd will not be back, though. Tony is busy with The Flash at the moment (which is one of our favorite shows BTW). So, we’ll have a different Admiral in his place… who is an Andorian!

The one major role that we will be casting is Garth. Yes, you read that right; I will not be playing Garth in Axanar. There are a few reasons for this.

First, I am not a professional actor. (I’ve taken acting classes with some brilliant teachers over the past three years, and it’s been an amazing experience, during which I learned a lot, but I never set out to make acting a career.) And, if we want to be a professional production, then we really need a professional actor in the lead role.

Second, Axanar takes place about fifteen years before Prelude. We need a younger Garth, one in his early 40s. While I thank everyone who tells me they can’t believe I am 55, the fact is I am, and a younger actor will be more appropriate. (I will still play the older version of Garth in our vignette Heroes and may be in future installments of The Four Years War).

Third, this is not a vanity project. A hallmark of fan films is the creator making himself the central character, whether that is Kirk or Pike or whomever. While that is fine for your average fan film, we are shooting a bit higher.

Finally, I want to produce in Hollywood. Sure, acting is fun, but my career is in producing, which is what I am focusing on.

So, I will focus on producing and writing Axanar. I think the project is shaping up to be even better than we had planned!

As for the rest of the cast? Well, our casting director has been busy! We have already met with several amazing actors—some of whom you would recognize instantly. What we won’t be doing is raiding every Star Trek series for actors. Yes, we all have our Star Trek favorites (and we would love to get Jeffrey Combs), but beyond that, we are casting a wide net with a professional casting director in charge.

Stay tuned for more news from Axanar!

Alec Peters

Executive Producer


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  • pelle says:

    Sad but understandable you won’t be playing garth in Axanar. I like the humble way you portray him in prelude.
    keep up the good work

  • Claude says:

    Hi everybody,

    first of all Happy new year 2016, congratulation Alec for the good choice, very professional and honest (Garth – young). Now I have a suggestion for you Alec maybe you can propose some actors and the donors can be vote a name, but the last choice will be for you.

  • mike says:

    I want to see Jeff Combs in Axanar. Federation President maybe?

  • Randall Watson says:


    I understand your logic behind casting a younger actor in the part of Garth of Izar, keeping you in the part of the older Garth will keep the majority of we Axanerds happy. As I said to you in a facebook post Axanar is a labor of love and you want what is best to make it all that it has the potential of being.

    Keep up the great work with this project, you and team Axanar have ignited a fire in the Star Trek community that needed to be lit.

    Once more, thank you for helping me to believe in the ideals that Star Trek are all about.

  • DragonLady says:

    I look forward to Axanar being able to continue. A good quality production is what is needed. The last two Star Trek movies did not really peek my interest. In fact, I have not even seen the movies. I have been a long Star Trek fan believe it or not considering what I love to do in the side 😉 I am always watching from the distance.

  • Dale Flannery says:

    Is it possible that I could be an actor as a crew member? I know one of your cast members his name is Richard Hatch and I would be honored to be on a Star Trek skit just contact me through Richard Hatch or email me below Richard Hatch has been teaching me acting lessons

  • Rick Newton says:

    Although somewhat disappointed that you won’t be the character of Garth in the full-length movie/film, I can see where you are going. You can’t, logically, have the same actor playing the character in the film that is the individual that appears in Prelude assuming the intervening 15 years have passed.

    I do have one concern though, and not with the decision to find a younger actor for Garth. I’m concerned with the continuance of the use of the term “professional” when associated with the project (not with the individuals associated with it, such as professional actor, etc.). This, IMO, only adds fuel to CBS’s / Paramount’s suit. It continues to make it appear that Axanar has gone professional as a film and is not still a fan-film that has been fortunate enough to fund-raise sufficiently to allow for a higher level of production of a fan-based film.

    IMO, it doesn’t make sense to fan the flames; we need to call this a fan-film that has been fortunate enough to have professional individuals come aboard due to their enthusiasm/love of all things Star Trek. Using this terminology will not make a difference to the supporters, but, it may garner some “slack” from those, in media and elsewhere, that are currently “burning” Axanar. Maybe even cool the jets of others that think Axanar a film looking to make money from CBS’s / Paramount’s properties; maybe even CBS/Paramount might dial down the rhetoric.

    [These are my thoughts, and not those of anyone else. They offered for consideration, not as ‘discussion’ points (or flame-throwing points).]

  • …aww, man! =(

    …i was REALLY looking forward to seeing more of Tony Todd! (hopefully as a “klingon” too!) =(

    (Jeffrey Combs would be a NICE consolation!) =)

    …sorry to hear you won’t be (young) Garth; i was looking forward to seeing your dynamic with Capt. Sonya! (she’s about your (and my) age too, isn’t she?) =P

    …yes, it seems that Producer is your first, best destiny… 😉

    …future installments of The Four Years War?? YESSS!!!!! =D

    btw: what’s the eta for the Heros Vignette? 😉

  • Jerry says:

    Alec, there’s a word that describes your unwillingness to make this a vanity production. You are making the decisions that you understand will make for a better result and the word for this is “mensch”.

  • Larry Russo says:

    Giving the role to a professional actor is the mark of a smart Producer, glad to see it. Best of luck & success with “Axanar”!

  • Charles R. Williamson Jr. says:

    Once again, Alec, you show that your focus and ambition are to the project, not your vanity. That you will do what is right by the project to make IT the best it can be. Thank you for that constant integrity.

    Sincerely & Respectfully,

    Charles R. Williamson Jr.
    EW1 (SW/MTS) USN(Ret.)
    A.F. & A.M. (Warwick #336, L.M.I.P.)

  • Edison Cook says:

    I just wanted everyone to know how much the passion for this project has affected and inspired me to “get out of my comfort zone” and participate in discussions that I would normally pass on.
    Thank you for sharing your passion, and your craft, AXANAR would not be what it has become without your guidance.
    Follow your passion, lend us your dreams, for so far they have not steered us wrongly.
    Thank you for continuing to have your had on the helm, even if it is unseen.

  • Rob says:

    Thanks for the updates Alex! Only the best.

  • Russ says:

    Sign Will Wheaton to be Garth of Izar….he would be the perfect fit….

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