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Captain’s Log – September 30th, 2015

By October 4, 2015 Captain's Log

Aaron Harvey, Rob Burnett, Milton Santiago

Monitor Testing Day

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Terry McIntosh arrived at Burbank airport last night and Diana picked him up.  To save money he is staying on my sofa (which Terry says is very comfy!).  So this AM we stopped at Fry’s to pick up something terry needed and then it was off to the studio.

When we arrived at the studio Terry got to work on setting up the bridge monitor test.  This test was for the eye level monitors.  What everyone wanted to see was what monitors we were using and how they would work and look on screen.  So that meant everyone who was involved would be there

Aaron Harvey – Assistant Art Director for Graphic Design, who handles the graphics

Terry McIntosh – Chief Technology Officer, who handles the hardware

Rob Burnett – Director

Milton Santiago – Director of Photography

Curtis Short – Studio Manager, who manages the sound stage

And myself who keeps everything going!

Terry programs the monitor

Studio Manager Curtis Short takes Red Alert seriously!

Rob and Milton look at the screen from a sharp angle

The test went well, and everyone was satisfied.  The issue is the old school CFL monitors that Star Trek: New Voyages uses on their sets are 4:3 aspect ratio and thus, no longer made.  You have to get them used and they are expensive.  Also, they don’t fit really well and you have to really wedge them in.  A total pain in the ass.  New monitors are 16:9 aspect ratio.  The problem is that the monitor cutouts are mostly 9.5″ x 9.5″ and so 1:1 aspect ratio.  Now you see why we had to have a test!

So it seems that the solution is we are ordering the monitors from China, where we can get them custom made!

A little transporter appreciation!



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  • Doug says:

    Based on these pics I think the finished product is going to be amazing and well worth all the hassle. Great job team!

  • Kyle Sulcebarger says:

    Any chance of the transporter chamber having the wood grain left exposed? Problem with being a sci-Fi fan and a woodworker…

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