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Captain’s Log – September 12-13th, 2015

By September 14, 2015 Captain's Log

My personal trainer, Sophia Crawford has been a stunt woman in Hollywood for 20 years.

This week I started back training after a month down with surgery and then Dragon Con.  My trainer, Sophia Crawford, is not only a great personal trainer, but a stunt coordinator (as is her husband) and she also was the stunt woman for the pink Power Ranger!  I start working out with her Monday, so I am spending Fri/Sat/Sun getting ready and working out each day.



Associate Producer Michael Lai took to the Toronto Fan Expo, Canada’s largest convention, with a stack of Axanar cards and an abundance of passion.  Here are some photos from the con:

Toronto 1

Associate Producer Michael Lai with some newly informed fans from South Africa, they are now officially Axa-nerds.

Toronto 2

Some very exuberant fans, they flagged me down and were very very excited and positive about the whole project. He loves Axanar and how the project is progressing.

Toronto 3

Klingons out supporting and raising money for a good cause, the Children’s Help Phone charity, for children in crisis.

From Michael:

“There was one time I was going up an escalator and this big huge bawl of a man was just staring at me as he was on the other side going down the escalator.  He gave me a slight chin nod that he wanted to make a point.  He then points at my t/shirt and screams out “AXANAR ROCKS!!!!!”, it was like all my gosh, everyone on the elevator was looking at me.  So I said yes we do, yes we do!”

If you want to spread the word of Axanar at your local convention, contact Diana at diana@axanarproductions.com and she will send you files for you to get cards printed that you can hand out.  We also have an East Coast Convention Coordinator in Michael Nguyen in case you can get a fan table at your convention.  Michael has pull up signs and more to make a booth look great.

Kristen 1

My friend Kristen Poppo 5 years ago when we met at Dragon Con. Congratulations to her and her girlfriend Kelly for getting engaged recently!

Join the discussion 4 Comments

  • Reece Watkins says:

    Definitely wear your Axanar t-shirts at any con you go to. I’ve never had so many people come up to me and ask about anything I’ve ever worn as I did at DragonCon over my two simple black and gold Axanar shirts. The movement keeps growing!

  • Ronald. Seipel says:

    I would love to get the word out for you,I have some friends that have a booth every year at Starfest in Denver Colorado around Apr or May I can find out that info later. So if you would like send me an email and we can talk. Have a great day.

    Thank You
    Ronald Seipel

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