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Captain’s Log – Sep. 21st, 2016

By September 22, 2016 Captain's Log


Tuesday, September 20th, 2016

I get asked all the time “What is happening with the lawsuit”.  And while we have posted about it many times, a brief update is in order.

While we have tried to settle this case with CBS/Paramount, we have, up until now, been unsuccessful.  But that doesn’t mean we won’t settle before we go to court at the end of January.  All we have ever wanted to do is produce the fan film that 14,000 donors have donated to see.  And so everything we do is with that in mind.


Now many have said “Didn’t JJ Abrams say the lawsuit was going away?”.  Well, yes he did.  He and Justin Lin have been very supportive of fan films and Axanar in particular.  That is why I have supported Star Trek Beyond so strongly (plus I really liked it as it was true to Star Trek).  But what JJ said was based on information he was fed by Paramount, and, shall we say, they weren’t really being upfront about the status of the lawsuit.  It was in Paramount’s best interests to SAY that the lawsuit was going away, because they didn”t want so much bad PR. (Maybe they should have thought about that when they filed the lawsuit).  But in subsequent communication with JJ, who was incredibly gracious, it was obvious he got bamboozled.  We continue to support JJ and Justin Lin and thank them for their efforts.

So now we are in discovery, meaning both parties are exchanging information that each party wants from the other in order to (hopefully) strengthen their case.  Then next month are depositions, and then we prepare for trial in January!  There won’t be much news as we are in trial and we can’t really talk about it.  So please bear with us.

In the mean time, there are some pretty cool things we are doing for Axanar and one, that will frankly, blow you away.  But we won’t be saying much about those things until we actually release them.

So stay tuned!



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  • kenny smith says:

    for every one to keep or just stay on top of this case all of the way. you will fine out that cbs and paramount will see that they will lose a hole lot of money and they can’t tell us to stop useing this word of star trek and axanar. they can lost a hole lot of money and the way they do business and if you want to hit them hard go after the people who put out ad’s on tv or cable. they can fine out that they can fine out that they can lose a lot of money for them and others who is trying to sell there thing’s they want.

  • Starius says:

    In light of all the legal issues this summer, I assume Axacon got put on hold too? (Not on Facebook anymore so I don’t get to see all those updates.) I was hoping that Axacon would be a fun and informative event not just for Axanar and Star Trek fans, but for people who are interested in independent film making as well.
    I still hope the legal issues get sorted out and the production can move forward again.

    Please keep us updated with the legal situation though, it’s been a fascinating process to watch as a bystander.
    Between Axanar and an upcoming telecommunications lawsuit here in Iowa, I’ve never been so curious in my life about law proceedings before.

  • …I had been WONDERING if anyone had a chance to catch up to J.J. and say WTF?? re: his proclamation

    …that little show was pretty much the only thing they did to promote Star Trek’s 50th =(

    I think they’d say anything (lie) to make the fans happy, and J.J. was in on it (he’s got money on it too…)

    I think J.J. is good at fooling people, and can’t be trusted. Team Axanar Legal should subpoena the sh*t out of bad robot too! =D

  • Thomas says:

    “So now we are in discovery,”
    Interesting choice of words sir.
    I’ll bet you two bottles of Scotch that Star Trek Discovery is going to be about a similar storyline as your Axanar.
    I mean really, why go through all of this?
    Fan films have been around for years now, and Paramount didn’t seem to care much.
    CBS gets into the mix with this Discovery and suddenly lawsuits begin?

    Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.

  • jd says:

    If Paramoot gave unlimited permission to do fan films for years, then took it back, I suggest you counter sue for every dollar you’ve put into the studio, your entire fund raising and triple damages. Also see if you can identify the person making these edicts so we can vilify him.

    • brian333 says:

      I don’t want a single person villified over this. It was a corporate decision, not the act of a single person. When we pin the blame on a person, the corporation scapegoats that person, then goes about business as usual.

      What I’d prefer instead is to see a realization on the part of CBS/Paramount that Trek is far larger than one studio. Trek is a cultural phenomenon which predates CBS/Paramount’s ownership, and the vast majority of Trek comes from sources outside the studio. When they acquired Trek they acquired the fans too, along with their fan fiction. CBS should realize that fan efforts are not competition, but are the seeds from which new Trek fans grow.

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