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Captain’s Log – Sep. 18th, 2016

By September 18, 2016 Captain's Log


Sunday, September 18th, 2016

Today is a travel day for me, as I head to Dallas for some non-studio business!  Here are a few things that I want to make sure you all know about.

First of all, Team Axanar are good friends with Adam Nimoy.  We helped Adam with his 2015 Kickstarter for his documentary “For The Love of Spock”, which is a truly wonderful movie I hope you will all go see.  Here is a list of where it is screening.  It is also on demand pretty much everywhere.

What makes this documentary on Leonard Nimoy so wonderful isn’t just that his son Adam directed it, but that it really tells the untold story of their relationship.  I think any father or son will see aspects of their own relationships with their fathers/sons in the movie.

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Meanwhile, Diana added the two awesome Jeff Pina limited/signed prints to the Donor Station.  There rare only 100 sets of these, so get them fast and remember, 100% of the donation goes to Axanar!


Also, if you haven’t already bought it, go out and get the Newsweek 50th anniversary of Star Trek special edition. It has a FOUR PAGE article on Axanar. (I am sure CBS hated that!)  But it is pretty damn awesome.


Finally, the totally awesome Bill Watters, our Chief Technology Officer, finished Ares Digital in just 6 weeks.  Now it is ready for you, our donors, to go through and enter your current address so we can start shipping the patches from the Kickstarter!  So please read the article Diana wrote on the new Ares Digital with instructions on what to do here: https://axanar.com/drum-roll-please/



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