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Captain’s Log – October 27th, 2017

By October 30, 2017 Captain's Log

Paul Jenkins with our free desert!

Friday, October 27th, 2017

Today Paul Jenkins and I met for our second script meeting.  This time, Paul had applied his rewrites and we discussed them all.  Being that this was for Episodes IV and V of The Four Years War, the two 15 minute episodes we are making, we were able to cover the 30 pages fairly quickly.  The changes weren’t to story, but more to dialogue, which Paul had a specific take on, and character, developing Garth and the characters in a way that brings to the front WHO these people are.

The next step is for me to accept all the changes, and get back to Paul as we haven’t yet worked on the last two pages of my script.  Paul wants some changes that need to be worked out as those last two pages are very near and dear to me.  So that will take some work!

The meeting took place at Paul’s new favorite place, Daddy O’Brien’s Ice Cream Pub!  And Mom O’Brien gave us “the Motherlode” for free.  They were doing a photoshoot and we got there at the right time to eat the subject of the photos!  Yes, we ate it all (though Paul did take a few scoops home for his boys).

More as the script progresses!


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  • Mark Celis says:

    Hi. I’m just now hearing about this project, and , of course, wish you ALL success in it’s completion. I’m still a little unclear, though, as to whether the full, feature-length film has been made, whether it is, or is to be in episodic form, or as to a projected release date if it hasn’t actually been finished.

    Could you and would you answer these questions?

    • Alec Peters says:

      Hey Mark. Other than the two shorts films we have on our home page, we will be making two 15 minute episodes this coming year.

  • Robert says:

    How do you summerize a two hour movie into 30 minutes and still keep the integrity of the story?

    • Alec Peters says:

      You focus on driving the core story. What is Axanar ultimately about? Look at our 3 minute Vulcan Scene. Pretty compelling story in 3 minutes.

  • John T Kerry says:

    Alec, I think it is a load of bunk that you are limited to 2 – 15minute episodes when STContinues is still making 45 minute episodes, and getting away with it. To Bodly Go was just published.

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