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Captain’s Log – October 20th, 2015

By October 25, 2015 Captain's Log

Alec, Leanne, Seth, Curtis

Tuesday is acting class for me.  For the better part of almost 2 years I have worked with Richard Hatch every Tuesday.  We have a good, small class and today we did our first full dress rehearsal of the court room scene from “A Few Good Men”.   Because of Axanar wardrobe consultant Kurt Cox, we were all able to get accurate uniforms on loan for free, and that is a chance we just couldn’t pass up.  So everyone went in for a fitting and then Kurt fitted our costumes to be accurate and even got Curtis’ costume altered to fit him.

Kurt is responsible for all the Vulcan costumes we have used to date, and is a huge Sci Fi fan.  We are indeed indebted to him.

Most of you know the “You can’t handle the truth” line Jack Nicholson delivers in the movie, but most of you don’t know that Aaron Sorkin, of The West Wing, The Newsroom and The Social Network wrote the screenplay.  It really is a wonderfully written piece when you work through it.

I really was able to relate to the Jessup character Nicholson played.  That doesn’t mean I like the character.  Let’s face it, he is an arrogant ass.  But his feelings for Kafee (the Tom Cruise character) are those of resentment, disgust and a lack of respect.  So for me that simply meant finding those feelings and creating a bridge into this scene.  And frankly, it wasn’t that tough.  I had someone I felt all that about, so I had those emotions right there.

We taped the scene and we may well share it.  But I can say it went well, Richard had great feedback for everyone, and we will be doing it again one last time.

Getting into all aspects of command is important for the character of Garth, and so this scene really helped with the frustrations a commander can feel.


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  • Peter says:

    Alec, it would be really interesting to see the video of this scene – a great study in acting development and dramatic interpretation , as well as an interesting teaser/insight into your development of Garth’s character.

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