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Captain’s Log – October 12th, 2015

By October 16, 2015 Captain's Log

Monday was a big day as we had a potential investor from China visit the Studio.  The potential investment is for projects we would do outside of Star Trek.  Obviously we can’t take investors for Axanar Productions since we can’t make any profit.  But we want to do other small genre productions where we can make money and bring fans content they want to see.

The meeting went great and our guest saw lots of possibilities, including bringing our film school concept to china and even opening up a similar studio in China.  Of course all of this would have to happen after Axanar is finished, but it is an exciting opportunity.  We asked for $ 5 million to make 3 films.

Now, I have raised almost $ 10 million in investment capital in my previous businesses, so this is nothing new to me.  And we have a great entertainment lawyer guiding us as well.  So I am hoping for big things to come in the next few months.

Brian Gross

Brian Gross as Captain Kirk

Captain Kirk visits Ares Studios!

In other news, you probably know about Team Axanar visiting Star Trek: New Voyages to shoot two vignettes in November.  Well in preparation for that, Brian dropped by to visit the Ares Studios sets.  He was suitably impressed and will be coming back for some rehearsal time later this month.



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  • Fred Trafton says:

    That’s tremendously cool. I hope we get to see a re-shoot of some key scenes from Whom Gods Destroy with Alec replacing Steve Ihnat. Maybe a video on the conferece room triangular screen with scenes from the asylum that Garth wants so see to fill in the missing memories? I want to start moving Steve out of my Garth memories and Alec in. For a REALLY good laugh, ask Vic Mignogna to play the Andorian … or the Tellarite! Diana would make a pretty good Marta with black hair and painted green … 🙂 Yeah, I know, “You don’t have time to read my f**king script!” 🙂

    • Robert says:

      You know, that conference room scene with reshoots from the episode isn’t a bad idea. And Alec does own that costume. Hmmmmm…..

  • BSL says:

    That’s a very cool looking captain!

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