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Captain’s Log – Nov 23rd, 2015

By November 25, 2015 Captain's Log

Space Command was the first notable sci fi Kickstarter

Monday, November 23rd, 2015

Well, its back to the studio today and back to clearing out emails!  Every day I get hundreds of emails.  Now most are junk and I can ditch them.  But still I probably get 30 that need my attention.

Progress is being made on all the sets and the green screen is looking good.

UPM April Eden gave me an update on the Klingon costumes.

At night I went down to Pico Rivera to meet with Marc Zicree who is the director of Space Command.  This was one  of the first Science Fiction Kickstarters and has been struggling to get their first film finished three years later.   They have a great cast including Robert Picardo, Doug Jones, Billy Mumy,Mira Furlan and even Bruce Boxleitner.

Faran Tahir
I also got to meet Faran Tahir, who played Richard Robau, the doomed captain of the USS Kelvin in the first JJ Star Trek.  Of course Robau is mentioned as one of the three captains Admiral Ramirez goes to for battle plans.  And hopefully we can get him to reprise his role for Axanar as he has a very important part.  😉


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