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Captain’s Log – May 4, 2015

By May 5, 2015 Captain's Log

Bridge console materials arrive!

Today was dedicated to clearing out my email inbox.  The volume of emails I get every day is pretty hefty.  But because Axanar is a team effort, many of the emails get taken care of by others like Diana, who all donor support emails go through, or Terry, who takes care of the website, technology issues and marketing support, Bill, who is in charge of conventions and Jennifer, who is our awesome new social media director.   Add to that Horace (film festivals), Mary Anne (blog) , Chris (Podcast), Mike and Morey (PR) and you can see we have a whole team that are the infrastructure of Axanar Productions.

I worked from home as I had a slight back spasm last night, so some rest, Advil and Ice and I was pretty good by day’s end.  All that time resting was put to good use getting Axanar business done.

Meanwhile in the studio…

This is the 2 inch radius cove moulding that will be on two places on the consoles. For fun Dean put the cove moulding next to the place on the console blueprint where the two 2 inch radii are on the consoles above and below the little screens.  We actually bought the moudling from the 20th Century Fox Studio Supply shop !


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  • Bob Flatters says:

    Its good to see how things are coming together and how the sets are coming along. Are you doing a time laps of the construction of the bridge at all?

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