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Captain’s Log – May 3rd, 2016

By May 7, 2016 Captain's Log

Ares Time Lapse small

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2016

This week saw some good art coming from our team.  Above is a piece by Brendon Goodyear, showing off a few Ares class ships above Earth.  It uses a time lapse photo taken from the ISS.

Meanwhile, Alexander Richardson, who has designed the bridge control panels on teh USS Ares set, is an accomplished visual artist.  Here is his latest USS Ares piece:

Alex Ares 2

You can check out Alex’s outstanding website here.

And there was this great piece from Barry Chapman that he posted to the Trekyards Group on Facebook.

Refit Ares

And finally, if you haven’t see Mark Largent’s parody of Prelude to Axanar, you must!

BTW, don’t you wonder how all those angry people are Star Trek fans?  Did they not get the central message of Star Trek of getting along with others?  Geez.


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  • Re: “…how all those angry people are Star Trek fans?”

    In my experience, aside from direct competition, it’s polarized nu-trek fans…

    nu-trek does not have the moral underpinnings that REAL Star Trek has… in my opinion, nu-trek is subtle right-wing propaganda which undermines what REAL star Trek stands for…

    nu-trek is white-washed as much as possible, and look at nu-kirk: he’s a total dick! (to say the least) =(

    just as hair-hitler has made it okay to be openly hateful, so has nu-trek made it okay to be a “hater”… =(

    on top of their legal tactics, nu-trek also employs paid trolls to stir up hate for any competition!

    just go to trekmovie or trekbbs… ALL of the hate comes from nu-trek trolls… =(

    when people say that nu-trek sucks, they also point to Axanar as an example of what REAL Star Trek should be… and so, the haters attack… in my opinion, nu-trek fans are NOT Star Trek fans.

    • Matt says:

      I agree with the statement. I really feel bad for the actors and the fans. The axtors, because they are led to believe they are taking a treasured franchise and making it live on, and for the fans because they aren’t getting what they deserve (something to make one think and not just mindless action).
      What I have come to realise after talking it over with a friend is that JJs reboots of star trek not only took scenes from earlier movies to sell to people, they also sold the wrong product.
      Star trek 2009 and Into Darkness are action movies with star trek skins on top. 09 was loterally star wars.
      I really hope axanar succeeds, I need trek and the new stuff is not fulfilling.

      Hopefully the third timr is the charm. And while i don’t hold ot up high, i feel that the change of blood, as it were, is good.

      Ps. All JJ knows how to do is rehash old material ot seems.

      P.P.S. Her (not hair). It was sort of bugging me. Sorry for such a long reply though.

      • …it looks to me like nu-trek 3 will be the crappiest yet! =P (yes, it’s fraud IMO)

        “hair-hitler” is my nickname for trump – cuz that orange thing on top of his spray-tanned head =P

        • Matt says:

          To your first point, I won’t pass judgement until I see it.

          And thank you for clarification about the hair bit. He does come off as a baffoon with bad hair.

  • …oh, and that “LCARS” deck plan of the Ares is SWEET!! =D

  • HubcapDave says:

    Good stuff! Looking at the TMP refit version of the Ares, I never noticed until now the photon torpedo launchers are reminiscent of the machine gun mounts on the old F-86 Sabres. Very nice!

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